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    Klarna UI Components

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    This library contains the basic set of components used by multiple front end projects across Klarna. It exposes React API compatible components as well as CSS modules.


    yarn add @klarna/ui

    You can use the UI components either with React and Preact. Learn more in the docs.

    This project has several peer dependencies that it needs to work. Although they are no technically peer dependencies, we need to treat them that way to ensure that Webpack does not bundle them twice in the final builds of the consumer projects.

    Install all peer dependencies with:

    yarn add prop-types react react-motion html2react ramda --save

    This package has a build, but usage of it is not recommended. You must have a Babel pipeline to use it. Read more about how to config it.


    There are plenty of articles in our wiki. Check it out

    Run locally

    To run the project, NPM 3+ is required.

    To run the showroom locally:

    yarn install
    yarn start

    Open localhost:7777/ui/.


    Please check the LICENSE file.


    Make sure:

    1. Your contribution is aligned with the styleguide.
    2. Your contribution doesn't break the grid. To avoid that, always use the $grid variable to define your sizes, as in line-height: ($grid * 4). As a rule of thumb, if your element total height (sum of content, paddings, margins, etc.) has an integer multiple of $grid you should be good.
    3. Your code is linted: npm run lint.
    4. It works in the major browsers, the simplest way is to spawn ngrok and use the cloud service of your choice. Else, you can download IE virtual machines for VirtualBox using curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xdissent/ievms/master/ievms.sh | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="9" bash.


    1. Send a PR.
    2. Once approved (with 👍 reaction or a LGTM comment):
    3. Merge to master
    4. Pull master locally
    5. Update the version using npm version <major|minor|patch> -m "Some message describing what happened" (tag will have v prefix). The message will be published as the release notes in Github.
    6. Push master and the new tag as well. (git push origin master --follow-tags)
    7. Go to https://github.com/klarna/ui/releases, click on "Draft a new release" and add notes for your release version. Make sure to enter the number of your release including the v in the "Tag version" field, ie. v4.13.2

    Travis will take care of publishing your new version to npm. In a matter of minutes it should be ready. You can check the status of the release publication by reading the log of the build corresponding to your tag. The list of Travis builds can be found in https://travis-ci.org/klarna/ui/builds




    npm i @klarna/ui

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