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GUIRE - Graphical User Interface Regression Engine - Is a testing framework for user interface components. GUIRE helps detect changes that occur in the browser - from a single pixel or colour unit to entire component breakages.


GUIRE is a command-line application who's usage looks like:

guire <suite-path...>
    --report-dir [report-directory]
    --reference-dir [reference-directory]
Argument Description
--report-dir Set the report directory for output of all reporting and results
--reference-dir Set the reference directory for storage of comparison (control) images
--title Set the title in the report
--audit Enter audit mode
--pdf Enable PDF output for reporting

Each test suite must be a JavaScript file who's configuration is described here.


Auditing can be performed when differences are detected, allowing users to update reference shots with newly-taken shots.

Enter audit mode by providing the --audit argument - prompts for each failing component will appear so that the user can make the decision to either save the screenshot as the new reference, or simply skip it and move on to the next one.


Run npm install to get started. Execute the example by running npm run example.


We greatly appreciate contributions, but please respect the format of the codebase. Follow by example where possible, and run the linter if you're unsure. GUIRE is a 4-space-indentation, semicolon-required and XO-linted project.

Using an editor which supports the included .editorconfig and XO configuration (in package.json) is advised.


Simply run npm test to make sure everything is OK.