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Kinetic is an open-source suite of tools that make it easy to build apps that integrate Solana.

It provides a consistent and clean abstraction over the Solana SDKs and enhances it with some commonly requested features like paying Solana fees on behalf of the user, tracking and timing the users transactions and sending out webhooks.

Kinetic is aimed at developers that want to build crypto-experiences for the users of their app, hiding a lot of the details about the blockchain out of sight for both the developer and the end user.

Kinetic TypeScript SDK

See how to use Kinetic in your TypeScript app here.

Or use one of our other SDKs:

Learn more about Kinetic here.


Simply put, Kin is money for the digital world, and it provides a way for developers (like you) to monetize their apps and websites in a fundamentally new way. Kin exists as a token on Solana, a consumer-grade blockchain built for scale. Solana is fast, decentralized and secure, making it the perfect home for Kin.

Learn more about Kin here.

What If I Get Stuck?

Pop into the #kinetic-general channel on our Discord, and we'll give you a hand!




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