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    Simple todo-cli app

    Sometimes you need to write simple todo from command line. This tool will allow you to do this in couple of steps.

    Installing the command line tool

    If you have NPM version 5+ you don't need to install it, and you can just run

    $> npx todo-cli

    Just install this package as global dependency

    $> npm install -g @khala/todo

    And then run it

    $> todo-cli

    Example of new todo

    TODO example

    Running todo-cli with options

    This tool recognizes 6 options

    Option longer Description
    -a --add Add new single TODO item
    -l --mark Mark some items as done
    -m --list List all tasks
    -f --file Path where to store todo file
    -h --help Prints help for this tool
    -v --version Prints version of this tool

    Path for todo file

    If you want to store todo file somewhere else than /${HOME}/.todos you can use this option.

    This option is trying to guess where todos will be stored on your machine, you have two options

    • Full path
    $> todo-cli -f /home/some/path/.todos
    • Relative path to your home, file will be stored under your home folder, plus whatever you pass to it
    $> todo-cli -f some/folder



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