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This package is designed for Marp.

Use markdown-it-nested-container as markdown-it's plugin, You can write nested div container.


Two up slide


Grid contents (Metro like ?)


How to install

You can install by npm install command like bellow.

npm install -D @kazumatu981/markdown-it-nested-container

How to use

Here is the how to use markdow-it-nested container. This section introduce how to create Marp slides-deck project, and introduce how to create Marp slides-deck server.

You can find deltail info in here, and you can learn about marp plugin eco-system, here.

[1st step] Create Slides-deck project

First, for create slides-deck, you have to prepair to Marp Project directory. So First, Create slides-deck project, and init npm package.

mkdir myslides
cd myslides

npm init -y

Secondary, Build Marp Environment. Install @marp-team/marp-cli.

npm install -D @marp-team/marp-cli

Off-course you can install as global package (like npm install -g @marp-team/marp-cli), or run at-once (like npx).

[2nd step] Download this project and install

cd myslides
npm install -D @kazumatu981/markdown-it-nested-container

[3rd step] Create marp.config.js.

Here is the configuration file for Marp.

module.exports = {
    inputDir: './slides',
    engine: ({ marp }) => marp.use(require('@kazumatu981/markdown-it-nested-container'))

[4th step] Create your slides

On slies directory. you create slides-deck. like this.

marp: true

<style scoped>
div.grid {
    display: grid;
    grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr;
div.grid-item {
  margin: 3px;


this is **left** content !!
* you can write as Markdown
* triple-marker is mark of container

this is **right** content !!
1. you can two up slide.
2. using scoped style
3. off course you can use style on custom theme.

> Plese enjoy !



[5th step] run server

Run marp server.

marp -s -c marp.config.js


Syntax of Markdown

Markdown means container starts with start of container syntax, and ends with end of conatiner syntax.

start of container syntax

name meaning syntax Optional
markers start of container triple-charactors No
container-name the first class name of container-DIV string No
extend-class-name additional class name of container-DIV comma or white-space seperated string No
extend-attribute attribute of container-DIV json No

end of conatiner syntax


The markers are equals to start of container's markers.


+++grid-item[metro green]{"style": "color: ivory;"}
here is a contents.

Option of constructor

The option is Array of container defined json, defined by bellow.

container defined json

property name type mean
conatainerName string the container name.
marker string character to use in start/end marker.
validate function the function validate container start. see markdown-it-container
render function the function convert token to HTML. see markdown-it-container

default value

        containerName: 'grid',
        marker: ':'
        containerName: 'grid-item',
        marker: '+'

Example of marp.config.js

const MarkdownItNestedContainer = require('@kazumatu981/markdown-it-nested-container');

module.exports = {
    inputDir: './slides',
    engine: ({ marp }) => marp.use(MarkdownItNestedContainer,[
            containerName: 'grid',
            marker: ':'
            containerName: 'grid-item',
            marker: '+'
            containerName: 'flex',
            marker: '@'
            containerName: 'flex-item',
            marker: '%'


This project depends on markdown-it-container


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