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    A commit linter for projects of KazanExpress frontend division

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    Linter installation

    Environment requirements

    Check if your current environment adheres to these specs:

    • NodeJS version >= 8.0.0 installed in your bash environment.
    • git version >= 2.9.
    • Your operating system can execute bash scripts.


    To add the linter to your current project, just execute the following commands in your project's root directory:

    npm i -D @kazanexpress/frontend-commitlint


    This repository consists of two main things:

    1. A comprehensive description of rules for commit conventions at KazanExpress/FrontEnd.
    2. Commit linter for NodeJS projects.

    If there are any proposals or comments on the matter - feel free to create an issue! 😉

    Commit formatting

    This section covers conventions for commit message formatting used at KazanExpress/FrontEnd.


    We found several reasons for establishing commit conventions:

    • Easier change tracking.
    • Visually similar commit message format.
      • Easier visual analysis of commit messages.
    • Potential for automated changelog and semver updates generation.
    • informativity
      1. Commits should tell WHY they were made in the first place.
      2. Commits should provide context for changes they bring.


    Any commit message header (first line) must consist of following parts:

    1. Type - the first word in the commit message.

      • Possible types:
        • Fix - some bug or error is fixed (preferably with an issue number, see pt. 2).
        • Feature - some new feature is introduced (preferably with an issue number, see pt. 2).
        • Add - addition of new things in general.
          • Add npm-package-name - v1.0.0 - example of adding a new npm package
          • Add modules/user - intial functionality - example of adding a new module in folder modules
        • Update - updating of things in general (package versions, for example).
        • Chore - routine maintenance, things that do not directly fall into any other type.
          • Choose this type if you do not want to include this change in the final changelog!
        • Refactor - code/structure refactoring. File renames go here too.
        • Content - changes to static content that do not affect functionality.
        • Revert - commits/changes reverts.
        • Docs - updates to documentation.
        • Remove - removal of things in general (files, functionality, etc.).
          • Remove npm-package-name - deprecated - example for removal of an existing npm package
          • Remove [User.oldFunction] modules/user - I'm sick of it - example for removal of an existing function in module user
    2. Related issue, optional. Should be placed whenever changes in commit resolve or affect an issue in a certain way. If many issues are affected, choose the most relevant one and place others in commit message [6].

    3. Breaking change flag, optional. Shows if there was a breaking change in the commit.

    4. Change scope - a semi-complete scope of the change in a subject. Optional.

    5. Subject of the change - usually would be a file or a folder that is subject to change in this commit.

      • Subject can be stated as * (as in Add * - initial commit) to specify that every possible subject is affected.
      • Note: scope ([4]) should be omitted instead of specifying it as *.
    6. Commit message written in a short informal way. Should precisely describe commit's change, giving context to it.

    If a commit message has a body, it should start with a preceding blank line, like this:

    Feature [toServer] modules/common - new method `toServer`
    Convertable class can do reversed convertation from now on.
    But only with a separate convert function with it's own map

    If a commit message header (first line) is too long - informal message ([6]) can be omitted or replaced with a semicolon (:):

    Feature [toServer] modules/common:
    Convertable class can do reversed convertation from now on.
    But only with a separate convert function using it's own map.


    Refactor rules - restructure & move to a separate folder
    Fix [headerPattern] rules/pattern - spaces in commitlint headerPattern
    Update *: finish initial setup
    Add [LOGOUT] store/modules/user
    Refactor [reset] store/modules/order:
    reset mutation now uses default object factory instead of hard-coding values
    Remove parakeet-mapper - they fixed backend
    Fix #132 [Product.constructor] types/models/product:
    object reference was being wrongly reassigned
    Chore [tmpVer] store/plugins - bump store version
    Chore [LOGOUT] store/module/* - make interconnected logouts work
    Chore [rr-widget] pages/product - again updates for retail-rocket





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