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KASKO Frontend developer scripts


To install toolbelt globally, run:

yarn global add @kasko/fe-toolbelt

Now the kasko-fe command is available globally.

Running scripts

When package not installed globaly run

yarn start <command>

Otherwise run kasko-fe or alias kk

kasko-fe <command> [options]


To get help about usage of toolbelt run

kasko-fe help

To get detailed info about how some commands run

kasko-fe help <command>

All CLI Options

    $ kasko-fe <command> [options]

  General Options
    -v, --version           Displays current version

  Available Commands
    help                    List all commands and options

    deploy [options]        Deploy a plugin/app to the KASKO platform
      --plugin              Define the name of the plugin that should be deployed (default: all plugins)
      --host                Define deployment target - host environment (default: "eu1.kaskocloud.com")
      --version             Define the version that should be published
                            Should program fail and exit when plugin version already exists (default: false)

    translations [options]  Lists missing translation keys
      --host                Define host of environment to get keys from (default: "feapi.kasko.io")
      --tp                  Define touchpoint id to get translations from (required)
      --key                 Define public key for the touchpoint distributor (required)
      --language            Language of content keys (default: "de")
      --silent              Disables console output (default: false)
      --batch               Size of request batches (default: 4)
      --delay               Time in ms for delay between batched requests (default: 1000)
      --output              Output of console (options: "verbose" \| "json", default: "verbose")

    graph [url] [options]   Generates webapp flow graph
      --fontSize            Font size in px (default: "12px")
      --format              Format of generated file (options: "png" \| "pdf" \| "svg", default: "png")
      --silent              Disables console output (default: false)
      --output              Output of console (options: "verbose" \| "json", default: "verbose")
      --file                Output a file in current directory (options: boolean, default: false)

    mock-api download [options]
      --host                Define target host environment (default: "eu1.kaskocloud.com")

  For more info, run `help` command with name of the command as second argument
    $ kasko-fe help something


To add new command you must create new /<command>/<command>.js file in /src/commands and import in in /src/commands/index.js root file with command name you want to link it.

To add docs for newly created command, create readme.md new file in commands folder.

Finally add info about new command in /src/help/readme.md file.

Installation of dependencies

yarn install

Running tests

yarn test

or with watch mode

yarn test:watch




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