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Knobs allow you to edit React props dynamically using the Storybook UI. You can also use Knobs as a dynamic variable inside stories.

This is how Knobs look like:

Storybook Knobs Demo

Checkout the above Live Storybook or watch this video.

Getting Started

First of all, you need to install knobs into your project as a dev dependency.

npm i -D @kadira/storybook-addon-knobs

Then, configure it as an addon by adding it to your addons.js file (located in the Storybook config directory).

//  To get our default addons (actions and links)
import '@kadira/storybook/addons';
//  To add the knobs addon
import '@kadira/storybook-addon-knobs/register'

Now, write your stories with knobs.

import React from 'react';
import { storiesOf } from '@kadira/storybook';
import { withKnobs, text, boolean, number } from '@kadira/storybook-addon-knobs';

const stories = storiesOf('Storybook Knobs', module);

// Add the `withKnobs` decorator to add knobs support to your stories.
// You can also configure `withKnobs` as a global decorator.

// Knobs for React props
stories.add('with a button', () => (
    disabled={boolean('Disabled', false)}
    {text('Label', 'Hello Button')}

// Knobs as dynamic variables.
stories.add('as dynamic variables', () => {
  const name = text('Name', 'Arunoda Susiripala');
  const age = number('Age', 89);

  const content = `I am ${name} and I'm ${age} years old.`;
  return (<div>{content}</div>);

You can see your Knobs in a Storybook panel as shown below.

Additional Links

Available Knobs

These are the knobs available for you to use. You can import these Knobs from the @kadira/storybook-addon-knobs module. Here's how to import the text Knob.

import { text } from '@kadira/storybook-addon-knobs';

Just like that, you can import any other following Knobs:


Allows you to get some text from the user.

const label = 'Your Name';
const defaultValue = 'Arunoda Susiripala';

const value = text(label, defaultValue);


Allows you to get a boolean value from the user.

const label = 'Agree?';
const defaultValue = false;

const value = boolean(label, defaultValue);


Allows you to get a number from the user.

const label = 'Age';
const defaultValue = 78;

const value = number(label, defaultValue);

number bound by range

Allows you to get a number from the user using a range slider.

const label = 'Temperature';
const defaultValue = 73;
const options = {
   range: true,
   min: 60,
   max: 90,
   step: 1,

const value = number(label, defaultValue, options);


Allows you to get a color from the user.

const label = 'Color';
const defaultValue = '#ff00ff';

const value = color(label, defaultValue);


Allows you to get a JSON object from the user.

const label = 'Styles';
const defaultValue = {
  backgroundColor: 'red'

const value = object(label, defaultValue);

Make sure to enter valid JSON syntax while editing values inside the knob.


Allows you to get an array from the user.

const label = 'Styles';
const defaultValue = ['Red']

const value = array(label, defaultValue);

While editing values inside the knob, you will need to use a separator. By default it's a comma, but this can be override by passing a separator variable.

const separator = ':';
const value = array(label, defaultValue, separator);


Allows you to get a value from a select box from the user.

const label = 'Colors';
const options = {
  red: 'Red',
  blue: 'Blue',
  yellow: 'Yellow',
const defaultValue = 'red';

const value = select(label, options, defaultValue);

You can also provide options as an array like this: ['red', 'blue', 'yellow']


Allow you to get date (and time) from the user.

const label = 'Event Date';
const defaultValue = new Date('Jan 20 2017');
const value = date(label, defaultValue);


If you are using typescript, make sure you have the type definitions installed for the following libs:

  • node
  • react

You can install them using npm i -S @types/node @types/react, assuming you are using Typescript >2.0.




npm i @kadira/storybook-addon-knobs

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