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    ES6-like pipe, compose, p-pipe, and p-compose in JavaScript, inspired by this Medium post.

    What is it?

    This library exports 6 functions: pipe, compose, cPipe, cCompose, pPipe, and pCompose.

    Pipe and Compose

    To paraphrase the Medium post, image you want to pipe the output of n-functions together. You'll end up with something like:

    // EHT

    In this example, you first uppercase to get THE-ARGUMENT, then you get3Chars and have THE and finally you reverse it to get EHT.

    With pipe you can accomplish the same thing using:

    pipe('the-argument', uppercase, get3Chars, reverse);

    It helps to read this similar to bash's pipe |:

    echo 'the-argument' | uppercase | get3Chars | reverse;

    compose is the reverse of pipe. For example these two would return the same result.

    pipe('the-argument', uppercase, get3Chars, reverse);
    compose('the-argument', reverse, get3Chars, uppercase);

    cPipe and cCompose

    These are composable versions of pipe and compose, i.e.:

    const textModifier = cPipe(uppercase, get3Chars, reverse);
    // EHT
    // ONA

    pPipe and pCompose

    There are also composable promise version of the pipe and compose.

    const calc = pPipe(add1, multiply2, divide3);
    await calc(2);
    // 2

    In this example, we are creating a calculation function that takes in an number, and performs basic math operation on it. In this case, we are passing 2 and first adding 1 to it (giving us 3), then multiplying by 2 (giving us 6) and finally dividing by 3 (giving us back 2).

    As before, pCompose would work in the reverse:

    const calc = pCompose(add1, multiply2, divide3);
    await calc(6);
    // 5

    How to use it

    Installing NPM package

    Install from npm:

    npm install @k88/pipe-compose

    and use it:

    import { pipe, compose } from '@k88/pipe-compose';

    Get the source code

    All of these auxiliary functions are one-liner, so you can also just copy/paste them into your application:

    const pipe = (x, ...fns) => fns.reduce((v, f) => f(v), x);
    const compose = (x, ...fns) => fns.reduceRight((v, f) => f(v), x);
    const cPipe = (...fns) => (x) => => fns.reduce((v, f) => f(v), x);
    const cCompose = (...fns) => (x) => fns.reduceRight((v, f) => f(v), x);
    const pPipe = (...fns) => async (x) => fns.reduce(async (v, f) => f(await v), x);
    const pCompose = (...fns) => async (x) => fns.reduceRight(async (v, f) => f(await v), x);




    npm i @k88/pipe-compose

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