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    A web component that renders YouTube embeds faster. The ShadowDom web component version of Paul's lite-youtube-embed.


    • No dependencies; it's just a vanilla web component.
    • It's fast yo.
    • It's Shadow Dom encapsulated!
    • It's responsive 16:9
    • It's accessible via keyboard and will set ARIA via the videotitle attribute
    • It's locale ready; you can set the videoplay to have a properly locale based label
    • Set the start attribute to start at a particular place in a video
    • You can set autoload to use Intersection Observer to load the iframe when scrolled into view.
    • Loads placeholder image as WebP with a Jpeg fallback
    • new in v1.1: Adds nocookie attr for use with use as iframe embed uri
    • new in v1.2: Adds playlistid for playlist loading interface support
    • new in v1.3: Adds loading=lazy to image placeholder for more perf with posterloading attr if you'd like to use eager
    • new in v1.4: Adds short attr for enabling experimental YouTube Shorts mobile interaction support. See (example video)[] for details.

    Install via package manager

    This web component is built with ES modules in mind and is available on NPM:

    To install, use your package manager of choice:

    npm i @justinribeiro/lite-youtube
    # or
    yarn add @justinribeiro/lite-youtube

    After install, import into your project:

    import '@justinribeiro/lite-youtube';

    Install with CDN

    If you want the paste-and-go version, you can simply load it via CDN:

    <script type="module" src=""></script>

    Basic Usage

    <lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw"></lite-youtube>

    Playlist Usage

    Setting the YouTube playlistid allows the playlist interface to load on interaction. Note, this still requires a videoid for to load a placeholder thumbnail as YouTube does not return a thumbnail for playlists in the API.


    Add Video Title

      videotitle="This is a video title"

    Update interface for Locale

      videotitle="Mis hijos se burlan de mi español"

    Style It

    Height and Width are responsive in the component.

      .styleIt {
        width: 400px;
        margin: auto;
    <div class="styleIt">
      <lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw"></lite-youtube>

    Enable YouTube Shorts interaction on mobile

    See the example video of how this feature works for additional details.

    <lite-youtube videoid="vMImN9gghao" short></lite-youtube>

    AutoLoad with IntersectionObserver

    Uses Intersection Observer if available to automatically load the YouTube iframe when scrolled into view.

    <lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw" autoload> </lite-youtube>

    Set a video start time

    <!-- Start at 5 seconds -->
    <lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw" videoStartAt="5"></lite-youtube>

    Fine tune the poster quality for a video


    YouTube QueryParams

    Use any YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters you like.

    Note: the exception to this rule is the autoplay param; because of the nature of the performance loading and the inconsistency of usage, that parameter generally does not work. See this comment for details.

    <lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw" params="controls=0&enablejsapi=1">


    The web component allows certain attributes to be give a little additional flexibility.

    Name Description Default
    videoid The YouTube videoid ``
    playlistid The YouTube playlistid; requires a videoid for thumbnail ``
    videotitle The title of the video Video
    videoplay The title of the play button (for translation) Play
    videoStartAt Set the point at which the video should start, in seconds 0
    posterquality Set thumbnail poster quality (maxresdefault, sddefault, mqdefault, hqdefault) hqdefault
    posterloading Set img lazy load attr loading for poster image lazy
    nocookie Use as iframe embed uri false
    autoload Use Intersection Observer to load iframe when scrolled into view false
    short Show 9:16 YouTube Shorts-style interaction on mobile devices false
    params Set YouTube query parameters ``


    The web component fires events to give the ability understand important lifecycle.

    Event Name Description Returns
    liteYoutubeIframeLoaded When the iframe is loaded, allowing us of JS API detail: { videoId: this.videoId }


    npm i @justinribeiro/lite-youtube

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