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    JupiterOne Managed Integration for Threat Stack

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    This JupiterOne integration connects to a Threat Stack account using a provided API Auth token and ingests the Threat Stack server agents and the vulnerability findings they identified.

    Development Environment

    Integrations mutate the graph to reflect configurations and metadata from the provider. Developing an integration involves:

    1. Establishing a secure connection to a provider API
    2. Fetching provider data and converting it to entities and relationships
    3. Collecting the existing set of entities and relationships already in the graph
    4. Performing a diff to determine which entites/relationships to create/update/delete
    5. Delivering create/update/delete operations to the persister to update the graph

    This example integration hand waves 1 and 2a. 🤪 The rest of it is serious business. Run the integration to see what happens:

    1. Install Docker
    2. yarn install
    3. yarn start:graph
    4. yarn start

    Activity is logged to the console indicating the operations produced and processed. View raw data in the graph database using Graphexp.

    Execute the integration again to see that there are no change operations produced.

    Restart the graph server to clear the data when you want to run the integration with no existing data:

    1. yarn stop:graph
    2. yarn start:graph

    Environment Variables

    • GRAPH_DB_ENDPOINT - "localhost"

    Running tests

    All tests must be written using Jest. Focus on testing provider API interactions and conversion from provider data to entities and relationships.

    To run tests locally:

    yarn test


    Managed integrations are deployed into the JupiterOne infrastructure by staff engineers using internal projects that declare a dependency on the open source integration NPM package. The package will be published by the JupiterOne team.

    yarn build:publish




    npm i @jupiterone/jupiter-integration-threatstack

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