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    Istanbul code coverage loader for Webpack

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    This is a Webpack loader that uses Istanbul to add code coverage instrumentation to your code. This is especially useful for in-browser testing, in a tool like Karma, where you can use karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter to output code coverage data in a variety of formats that are supported by services like Coveralls or Codacy.

    Coverage Istanbul Loader is based on Istanbul Instrumenter Loader, but uses a newer version of the Istanbul API and has better support for source maps.


    See the examples folder for usage examples for various use cases.


    Contributions, enhancements, and bug-fixes are welcome! Open an issue on GitHub and submit a pull request.


    To build/test the project locally on your computer:

    1. Clone this repo
      git clone https://github.com/JS-DevTools/coverage-istanbul-loader.git

    2. Install dependencies
      npm install

    3. Build the code
      npm run build

    4. Run the tests
      npm test


    coverage-istanbul-loader is 100% free and open-source, under the MIT license. Use it however you want.

    This package is Treeware. If you use it in production, then we ask that you buy the world a tree to thank us for our work. By contributing to the Treeware forest you’ll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.

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