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    OpenSCAD like modeling API for OpenJSCAD

    This package provides OpenSCAD functionality for OpenJSCAD & Co.

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    This package provides an opinionated API that tries to mimic (up to a point) that of OpenSCAD. Currently, this package uses the CSG.js library to implement most functionality.

    This package was part of OpenJSCAD.ORG but is now an 'independent' module in the JSCAD organization. Hopefully, this makes usage and development easier.

    It gives you ONE variant of syntaxic sugar/ flavor to do solid modeling.

    It is using semantic versioning to signal minor and breaking changes.


    npm install @jscad/scad-api


    This package is included by default in but you can also use it 'standalone'.

    const scadApi = require('@jscad/scad-api')
    const {cube, sphere} = scadApi.primitives3d
    const {union} = scadApi.booleanOps
    const base = cube({size: 1, center: true})
    const top = sphere({r: 10, fn: 100, type: 'geodesic'})
    const result = union(base, top)


    The API documentation (incomplete) can be found here For more information, see the OpenJsCad User Guide.

    For questions about the API, please contact the User Group

    NOTE: at this time combined union() of 2d & 3d shapes is not officially supported but still possible via union({extrude2d: true}, op1, op2) this might change in the future


    This library is part of the JSCAD Organization, and is maintained by a group of volunteers. We welcome and encourage anyone to pitch in but please take a moment to read the following guidelines.

    • If you want to submit a bug report please make sure to follow the Reporting Issues guide. Bug reports are accepted as Issues via GitHub.

    • If you want to submit a change or a patch, please see the Contributing guidelines. New contributions are accepted as Pull Requests via GithHub.

    • We only accept bug reports and pull requests on GitHub.

    • If you have a question about how to use CSG.js, then please start a conversation at the User Group. You might find the answer in the User Guide.

    • If you have a change or new feature in mind, please start a conversation with the Core Developers and start contributing changes.

    Small Note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


    The MIT License (MIT) (unless specified otherwise)

    NOTE: OpenSCAD and OpenSCAD API are released under the General Public License version 2.


    npm i @jscad/scad-api

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