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RicksyBusiness in Javascript

Original repo in java

Ricksy Business is an exam done in java, it's about an episode of Rick and Morty where there is a party. There are several services for each guest: crystals, menus, and ufos. Each guest has a credit card with a code associated to it and a quantity predefined.

Every time a guest enters in the party automatically are charged to his account and the services are given to it.


The dependencies are:

CreditCard: Is the credit card object for every guest with his own amount.

UfosPark: is the ufo's constructor function, it is getted from a singleton and has "Ufo"s objects.

CrystalExpender: expender for crystals packs.

RickMenuDispatcher: expender that dispatchs menus.

Receptivo: it dispatchs all the services for every customer automatically.

The data from for the classes are in the data folder and this fake api.

Install instructions

The project has been developed in yarn, for installing the dependencies:

# In project root
yarn install

# And execute
yarn start

# Testing
yarn test

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