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Stateful & programmable mock server

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Drosse is a stateful and programmable mock server written in javascript.

Based on h3, Drosse uses loki to store your mock data in memory so you can modify them in your POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests.

It comes out of the box with all the features you need to completely simulate a backend API, making it the best companion for any frontend developer 🤓


Tight to your project: your mocks and your mock-server are part of your project. You can run as many drosse instances as you want simultaneously.

Easy configuration: configuring drosse is as simple as writing its port number in a .drosserc.js file and writing route definitions in a routes.json file.

Cascading configs: routes are defined as a JSON tree of sub-paths - plugins (throttle, proxy, ...) are inherited by child routes.

Static mocks: write mocks directly in the routes.json file (inline mode) or in JSON files (static mode).

Dynamic mocks: build dynamic responses in javascript and access to the persisted data api, the request object and the NodeJS environment.

Assets handling: serve multimedia files with patterns and wild cards for easy fallback.

Dynamic URL params: match any route/endpoint pattern with dynamic parameters => /api/users/:id.

Data persistence: work with stateful and interactive mocks thanks to the in-memory JSON database accessible via an easy-to-use API.

Throttling: delay response time of your routes, even the proxied ones.

Proxying: super-flexible proxy mechanism with inheritance and overwriting of sub-routes (with different proxy or local route).

Middlewares: extend Drosse with custom express middlewares to fulfill your use cases.

Templates: use response templates to avoid repeating yourself.

Scraping: scrape proxied endpoints and save the content to Drosse's database or static files.

Extensible REPL CLI: build custom commands and execute them at runtime => simulate interaction with 3rp-party services.


Find example code in the examples folder.

Contact & Support


  • Clone this repository
  • Install yarn globally using npm install -g yarn
  • Install dependencies using yarn
  • Build using yarn build or yarn build:stub for live rebuild
  • Run drosse with yarn serve examples/<example-folder-name>

Credits & License

Drosse is crafted by Jota and licensed under the MIT license.

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