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    FilterPipeNgx for angular universal

    Simple angular pipe that allows you to filter arrays of objects and simple arrays by a given text.

    This angular universal filter pipe is able to filter by any field in your array of objects and can even ignore the accent marks or upercase/lowercase text.

    Originally filter pipe based on solodynamo/ng2-search-filter, please do check his project.

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    1. Install the pipe to your project.

      npm i @josee9988/filter-pipe-ngx --save
    2. Import the pipe to your app.module.ts.

      import {FilterModule} from '@josee9988/filter-pipe-ngx';
    3. Declare and initialize the pipe to your project.

      // rest of your imports here...
        imports: [ // in the imports section
          FilterModule, // add the pipe to your declarations
          // rest of the code ...

    Examples of use

    example of other web

    Example of other integration in another web.

    Stackblitz example

    example of stackblitz

    Check the stackblitz example or simply click the above image!

    Direct component example

    import {Component} from '@angular/core';
      selector: 'app-example-filter-pipe-products',
      template: `
    <!-- Input in which you will filter your products (you array) -->
    <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="searchText">
    <!-- Display your data and filter it by your input -->
    <div *ngFor = "let arrayItem of yourArrayToBeFiltered | filterPipe:searchText">
        <!-- Every object that matches the filter (if there is any filter) will be shown -->
      <p>Name: {{arrayItem.name}}, Inventory: {{arrayItem.inventory}}, price: {{arrayItem.price}}</p>
    export class ExampleFilterPipeProducts {
      yourArrayToBeFiltered: any[] = [
       {name: 'chair', inventory: 5, price: 45.99},
       {name: 'table', inventory: 10, price: 123.75},
       {name: 'sofa', inventory: 2, price: 399.50},
       {name: 'bed', inventory: 4, price: 592.12}];
      searchText: string;

    For deeper information about angular pipes check the oficial documentation.


    This project is actively looking for new contributors to develop new functions, maintain and improve the project. If you are interested make sure to fork the project and pull-request your improvements to be added as a contributor!

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    Made with a lot of ❤️❤️ by @Josee9988


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