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Yjs React Bindings

This project provides a set of components and hooks for working with Yjs in a React-friendly way.

Get Started

import React, { useEffect } from 'react'
import { render } from 'react-dom'

import {
} from '@joebobmiles/y-react'

const App = () => {
  const doc = useDoc()

  useWebRtc(doc, 'counter-demo')

  const { get, set } = useMap('state')

    () => {
      set('count', 0)

  return (
      <button onClick={() => set('count', get('count') + 1)}>+</button>

    <App />


DocumentProvider Component

A context provider that all hooks and components in this library relies on. Any components that use y-react components and hooks cannot be used outside the context of a DocumentProvider!

The DocumentProvider will create a new Yjs document under the hood and make sure that a reference to it is persisted between renders. If you want to provide your own document (for instance, if you are using zustand-middleware-yjs), the DocumentProvider has a property called doc that allows you to do so:

const doc = new Y.Doc()

// ...

<DocumentProvider doc={doc}>
  <App />

Sub-documents can be created by simply nesting DocumentProviders:

    <SubApp />

Note that components contained in a nested document provider cannot access data stored in the parent document!

Sub-documents can be organized by giving them individual names and even 'folder' names. A 'folder' in a document is simply a Y.Map that stores other documents, which use either the unique name provided or their document GUID as the key.

const doc = new Y.Doc()

// ...

<DocumentProvider doc={doc}>
  <DocumentProvider folderName="foo" documentName="bar">
    <SubApp />

// ...

const subDoc = doc.get('foo').get('bar')

Because the sub-document uses its GUID as its index in the super-document by default, you cannot access a sub-document outside of the given components and hooks unless you provide it with a unique name.

useDoc Hook

A hook that gives you access to the document managed by the DocumentProvider. Only useful if you want to access the document directly, or to initialize a Yjs provider.

useProvider Hook

A hook that gives you access to the providers attached to the current document. Only useful if you want to access a provider directly.

useMap Hook

A hook that allows you to create and access new Y.Map shared types in your document.

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