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Pointer Events Polyfill for JSDOM

This is a polyfill explicitly designed for use in JSDOM to solve the issue of unimplemented pointer event functionality.


Unlike other pointer event polyfills, such as the popular jQuery PEP library, this polyfill is not intended to provide a complete implementation of pointer events for production use. Instead, the scope of this polyfill is to only provide the subset of behavior for pointer events that is missing from JSDOM.

At the time of writing, the missing behaviors are:

  • A complete, conformant implementation of the PointerEvent interface.
  • An implementation of Element.setPointerCapture() and Element.releasePointerCapture().

This polyfill is not intended to provide any utilities for performing testing of pointer events. Instead it is recommended to use @testing-library/dom and its associated wrappers.


Pointer Type

By default, the pointerType of any PointerEvent object will always the empty string (""). This is because we cannot assume the pointer type, and the standard requires that, for pointers whose type cannot be determined, the pointerType be the empty string.

Therefore, if you want to check behavior by pointer type, you must assign the pointer type yourself.

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