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Plugin deprecated

Plugin deprecated, use @jnxplus/nx-maven instead.


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This plugin adds Spring Boot and Maven multi-module capabilities to Nx workspace.

Here is a quick overview of the plugin, to know more, please visit the documentation.

Supported versions

@jnxplus/nx-boot-maven Nx version range Spring Boot
7.x.x >=16.3.0 3.x.x
6.x.x >=16.0.0 && <16.3.0 3.x.x
5.x.x 15.x.x 3.x.x

Getting Started

0. Prerequisites

@jnxplus/nx-boot-maven requires a Java 17 or higher Runtime Environment and the current Long Term Support (LTS) version of node.js.

1. Install the plugin

In the Nx workspace root folder, run this command to install the plugin :

npm install --save-dev @jnxplus/nx-boot-maven

2. Add Spring boot and Maven wrapper support

The following command adds Spring boot and Maven support (Maven wrapper and config files) to the workspace. This only needs to be performed once per workspace.

nx generate @jnxplus/nx-boot-maven:init

3. Usage

Action Command
Generate an application nx generate @jnxplus/nx-boot-maven:application my-app-name
Generate a library nx generate @jnxplus/nx-boot-maven:library my-lib-name
Generate a parent project nx generate @jnxplus/nx-boot-maven:parent-project my-parent-project
Build a project nx build my-project-name
Serve an application nx serve my-app-name
Test a project nx test my-project-name
Lint a project nx lint my-project-name
Format a java project nx format --projects my-project-name
Format a kotlin project nx ktformat my-project-name
Run a custom task nx run-task my-project-name --task="clean install -DskipTests=true"
Publish a project nx publish my-project-name
Visualize project's dependency graph nx graph


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