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Sentry transport for winston logger for node js

Follow this sample configuration to use:

var winston = require('winston'),
    Mail = require('winston-mail').Mail,
    Sentry = require('winston-sentry');

var logger = new winston.Logger({
    transports: [
        new winston.transports.Console({level: 'silly'}),
        new Sentry({
            level: 'warn',
            dsn: "{{ YOUR SENTRY DSN }}",
            tags: { key: 'value' },
            extra: { key: 'value' }

If you want to use patchGlobal to catch all uncaught errors, simply pass it as option like this:

new Sentry({
    patchGlobal: true

Winston logging levels are mapped to the default sentry levels like this:

    silly: 'debug',
    verbose: 'debug',
    info: 'info',
    debug: 'debug',
    warn: 'warning',
    error: 'error'

You can customize how log levels are mapped using the levelsMap option:

new Sentry({
    levelsMap: {
        verbose: 'info'



  • Upgrade Raven client to version 0.11.0
  • Refactoring global tags support to better work with the new client
  • Refactoring default options


  • Added support for global tags that will be added to every message sent to sentry


  • Upgrade Raven client to version 0.8.1


  • Error stack traces will be sent to sentry. See #3 for more details.
  • Upgrade raven to latest version (0.6.3)
  • Raven client can be passed to the transport from the outside


  • Winston metadata will be populated into the "Additional Data" section in Sentry.
  • If metadata contains a tags property, any key/value pairs within that property will be populated as Sentry tags. It will be removed from the "Additional Data" section to avoid data duplication. This will allow Winston metadata to be filterable within the Sentry UI.
logger = new winston.Logger(...);
logger.log("info", "my log message", {
      userInformation: {
         os: "linux",
         browser: "chrome",
         userAgent: "<user agent string>"
      tags: {
         productVersion: "1.2"

// In Sentry, the "Additional Data" section would show:
// - userInformation
//      - os: linux
//      - browser: chrome
//      - userAgent: <user agent string>
// The tags would show:
// - level: info
// - logger: [logger property from transport constructor - defaults to "root"]
// - server_name: [machine name]
// - productVersion: 1.2


  • Added support for capturing "Additional Data".


logger = new winston.Logger(...);
logger.sentry_client.captureQuery("SELECT * FROM users;");
  • when logging as error level, it will implicitly call raven's captureError which will also capture the stack trace.
  • the winston.Logger object exposes the sentry client as sentry_client. Usage is simple:

** TODO:

  • capture sentry identifiers?

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