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Roll your own vocabularies package which will export your ontologies/vocabularies as n-quads and code modules.


Having created a repository from this template, follow the instructions below to create a package with your vocabularies.

  1. Adjust package.json, at the least by:
    • changing the name
    • changing the bin name
    • changing the indexBase in fetch script
    • possibly remove private: true
  2. Prepare your vocabularies:
  3. npm run fetch
    • optionally call as npm run fetch -- <prefix> to fetch+process only one
  4. Customise this readme
  5. Commit the result
  6. Bump version and publish your package
    • Might consider setting CI automation

Check the example branch for inspiration


The final product will be an extension to the @zazuko/rdf-vocabularies, albeit with side effects. Simply import in your project the to have you prefixes added to the default selection.

// replace with your package name
import '@zazuko/build-your-vocabularies'

Additionally, modules exporting @rdfjs/namespace builders will be generated.

// default builders
import { prefixA } from '@zazuko/build-your-vocabularies/builders'

// strict builders prevent constructing terms which are not defined in vocabulary
import { prefixB } from '@zazuko/build-your-vocabularies/builders/strict'

Check @zazuko/rdf-vocabularies readme for detailed usage instructions.

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