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    A cool JS helper to trim/clean currency values! 💸

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    📜 About

    If you already have to deal with currency numbers with JS, you know the struggle is real.

    After some suffering with it, I decided to develop this helper function to trim/clean currency values, returning them in clean integer values.

    No dependencies, no framework restrictions - just plain JS! 🚀

    📕 Usage

    First things first: you need to install the package:

    npm i @jlozovei/trim-currency
    # or yarn add @jlozovei/trim-currency

    After that, you'll need to import the helper wherever you want to use it:

    // es-modules
    import trimCurrency from '@jlozovei/trim-currency';
    // commonjs
    const trimCurrency = require('@jlozovei/trim-currency');

    Then, you'll be able to use it:

    const cleanCurrency = trimCurrency('$1,000,000.00'); // 100000000 (as Number)

    💻 Developing

    First, fork the project. After it, install the dependencies (preferably using npm - since the project is using it) and do the work.

    Also, take a look at the contributing guide!

    🤔 I want to use it, but I don't want to install it

    Cool! So, the magic under the hood is basically removing all the non-digits characters from the string, using a regular expression (a.k.a. RegExp):

    const regex = /\D+/g; // \D is the token for non-digits
     * you can also use the RegExp constructor:
     * const regex = new RegExp('\\D+', 'g');
    const currency = 'R$ 1.000.000,00';
    const clean = currency.replace(regex, ''); // we're replacing the match tokens with nothing

    📚 Related

    If you need to deal with money/currency using JS, these packages provides nice methods and you should take a look:

    🔐 License

    Licensed under the MIT.



    npm i @jlozovei/trim-currency

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