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native websocket implementation for Vuejs 2 and Vuex


yarn add vue-native-websocket

# or

npm install vue-native-websocket --save



Automatic socket connection from an URL string

import VueNativeSock from 'vue-native-websocket'
Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090')

Enable Vuex integration, where './store' is your local apps store:

import store from './store'
Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090', { store: store })

Set sub-protocol, this is optional option and default is empty string.

import VueNativeSock from 'vue-native-websocket'
Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090', { protocol: 'my-protocol' })

Optionally enable JSON message passing:

Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090', { format: 'json' })

JSON message passing with a store:

import store from './store'
Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090', { store: store, format: 'json' })

Enable ws reconnect automatically:

Vue.use(VueNativeSock, 'ws://localhost:9090', { 
  reconnection: true, // (Boolean) whether to reconnect automatically (false)
  reconnectionAttempts: 5, // (Number) number of reconnection attempts before giving up (Infinity),
  reconnectionDelay: 3000, // (Number) how long to initially wait before attempting a new (1000)

On Vuejs instance usage

var vm = new Vue({
  methods: {
    clickButton: function(val) {
        // $socket is [WebSocket](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebSocket) instance
        this.$socket.send('some data')
        // or with {format: 'json'} enabled
        this.$socket.sendObj({awesome: 'data'})

Dynamic socket event listeners

Create a new listener, for example:

this.$options.sockets.onmessage = (data) => console.log(data)

Remove existing listener

delete this.$options.sockets.onmessage

Vuex Store integration

Vuex integration works differently depending on if you've enabled a format

Without a format enabled

Socket events will commit mutations on the root store corresponding to the following events





Each callback is passed the raw websocket event object

Update state in the open, close and error callbacks. You can also check the socket state directly with the this.$socket object on the main Vue object.

Handle all the data in the SOCKET_ONMESSAGE mutation.

Reconect events will commit mutations SOCKET_RECONNECT and SOCKET_RECONNECT_ERROR.

import Vue from 'vue'
import Vuex from 'vuex'


export default new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    socket: {
      isConnected: false,
      message: '',
      reconnectError: false,
    SOCKET_ONOPEN (state, event)  {
      state.socket.isConnected = true
    SOCKET_ONCLOSE (state, event)  {
      state.socket.isConnected = false
    SOCKET_ONERROR (state, event)  {
      console.error(state, event)
    // default handler called for all methods
    SOCKET_ONMESSAGE (state, message)  {
      state.message = message
    // mutations for reconnect methods
    SOCKET_RECONNECT(state, count) {
      console.info(state, count)
      state.socket.reconnectError = true;
With format: 'json' enabled

All data passed through the websocket is expected to be JSON.

Each message is JSON.parsed if there is a data (content) response.

If there is no data, the fallback SOCKET_ON* mutation is called with the original event data, as above.

If there is a .namespace on the data, the message is sent to this namespaced: true store (be sure to turn this on in the store module).

If there is a .mutation value in the response data, the corresponding mutation is called with the name SOCKET_[mutation value]

If there is an .action value in the response data ie. action: 'customerAdded', the corresponding action is called by name:

actions: {
    customerAdded (context) {
      console.log('action received: customerAdded')

Use the .sendObj({some: data}) method on the $socket object to send stringified json messages.


TODO: post your example here!


Derived from https://github.com/MetinSeylan/Vue-Socket.io

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