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    An ESlint Sharable Config for javascript, typescript, react, jest.

    This package assumes (non-optional) you use typescript and jest. However, This package does not assume (optional) you always use react, though this sharable config includes eslint rules for react.


    npm install --save-dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config
    # or
    yarn add --dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config
    # or
    pnpm add --save-dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config

    And you should also install peerDependencies manually. Checkout package.json or npm info.

    # This does not install them all. This just show them on terminal.
    npm info "@jjangga0214/eslint-config@latest" peerDependencies

    Or install them all by install-peerdeps.

    # For npm
    npx install-peerdeps --dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config
    # For yarn
    npx install-peerdeps --yarn --dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config
    # For pnpm
    npx install-peerdeps --pnpm --dev @jjangga0214/eslint-config

    But before the installtion, please read this docs first.

    Typescript-related non-optional peerDependencies

    • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin
    • eslint-import-resolver-typescript
    • eslint-plugin-import (This is needed both for typescript and react)
    • typescript

    This Sharable Config package assumes you to use typescript. The peerDependencies above are for typescript and non-optional. You must install them. As long as you install them, it's still possible for you to use this shareable config with only .js or .jsx.

    Jest-related non-optional peerDependencies

    • eslint-plugin-jest

    This Sharable Config package assumes you to use jest. The peerDependencies above is for jest and non-optional. Even when you use another test runner (not jest), a problem might occur as eslint rules for jest would still be applied. For those cases, this Sharable Config is not suitable.

    React-related optional peerDependencies

    If you use react, you should install these peerDependencies. If you do not use react, you don't have to install these.

    • eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
    • eslint-plugin-react
    • eslint-plugin-react-hooks



      "name": "your-cool-project",
      "eslintConfig": {
        "extends": "@jjangga0214/eslint-config"
      "eslintIgnore": ["dist", "foo", "bar"]

    Or you can import it into javascript config file.


    module.exports = {
      extends: "@jjangga0214/eslint-config",

    If you have tsconfig named/located unconventional

    By default, ./packages/*/tsconfig.json or (if not found) ./tsconfig.json is used. If your tsconfig file is named/located differently (e.g. tsconfig.eslint.json), then you might want to override parserOptions.project AND settings['import/resolver'].typescript.project from typescript config.

    parserOptions: {  
      project: ['./packages/*/tsconfig.json', './tsconfig.json',], // Override it
    settings: {
      'import/parsers': {
        '@typescript-eslint/parser': [".ts", ".tsx"]
      'import/resolver': {
        typescript: {
          alwaysTryTypes: true,
          project: [ // Override this as well


    • The official docs for eslint sharable config
    • Once eslint#3458 is resolved, some of peerDependencies (plugins) can be re-organized as a dependencies of @jjangga0214/eslint-configurer, which means current peerDependencies can become transitive dependencies (dependencies of dependencies).


    npm i @jjangga0214/eslint-config

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