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    Jitsi Meet Logger

    Jitsi Meet Logger is utility library for logging used in Jitsi Meet project. It doesn't have any dependencies or any specific Jitsi Meet code.

    Getting Started

    • In order to be able to log you should first create a Logger instance:
    var Logger = require("@jitsi/logger");
    var logger = Logger.getLogger();
    • This instance is wrapper for the console object. We support the following logging methods which at the end will execute the same method from the console object:
      • trace
      • debug
      • info
      • log
      • warn
      • error
        logger.log(1, "2", {"3": 4}, [5, 6, 7]);
    • You can set the log level for all Logger instances. That way you can prevent the log messages with lower log level to be displayed.

    This is the list of supported log levels(ordered):

    1. TRACE
    2. DEBUG
    3. INFO
    4. LOG
    5. WARN
    6. ERROR

    For example if the log level is set to Logger.levels.INFO only messages with the following log levels are going to be displayed - info, log, warn and error.


    npm i @jitsi/logger

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