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    This is the companion NPM package to support Gogs1s. The NPM package is @jianboy/vscode-web.


    yarn clone - clone the official VS Code repo.

    yarn build - build the VS Code with the custom code under src.

    yarn watch - watch the code change under src directory and rebuild VS Code.

    Local development

    There are two ways to do local development with GitHub1s. For feature development, you could use the yarn watch-with-vscode under the root directory.

    To verify the NPM package content itself before publish. You need to install the yalc first (yarn global add yalc).

    Then run the following commands:

    cd gogs1s
    yarn build:vscode # Build the VS Code
    yarn yalc # Install local package via yalc
    yarn build # Build the Gogs1s & other extensions
    yarn serve

    And visit the http://localhost:5000 to verify the change. Please revert any changes related to yalc before commit, i.e. the package.json, the .yalc/ and yalc.lock files.


    To publish the NPM package, please make sure you have the right access via and run the following commands:

    cd gogs1s
    cd vscode-web-gogs1s
    yarn build
    # bump the `version` field in vscode-web-gogs1s/package.json file.
    npm publish --access public


    npm i @jianboy/vscode-web

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