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    The sane way to do error handling in a Functional Programming inspired way

    Banish the ungainly, scope-bound try/catch/finally forever!

    This is a very simple, lightweight library to implement functional try/catch everywhere. I found myself copying the code into every single project I wrote, so I decided to make it a proper library. It has no dependencies.


    npm i @jfdi/attempt


    For synchronous code...

    const [error, result] = attempt(fn);
    // insert handling code here

    For async code...

    const [error, result] = await attemptPromise(fn);
    // insert handling code here

    or for old style promise handling...

    attemptPromise(fn).then(([error, result]) => {
        // insert handling code here


    I've included some examples in the form of a suite of tests and a simple demo.


    Because I've always hated the ugliness of the try/catch/finally construct ever since I first encountered it in C++.

    It's not just an aesthetic thing, although it does make code ugly.

    It's mostly this:

    let success; // a variable ripe for mutation... can't define this inside any scope below or it'll be unavailable in the others
    try {
        // Here's one lexical scope...
        // The code to attempt
        success = true; // mutation
    } catch (e) {
        // Here's another lexical scope...
        // The code to handle the error
        success = false; // mutation
    } finally {
        // and just because we love all these isolated lexical scopes...
        // Here's the code to run after the whole sorry mess above
        if (success) console.log("Yay!");

    ... and ne'er the three lexical scopes shall meet. Any variable created in the try scope won't be available in the catch scope, and so on, leading to scoping compromises (like declaring variables using let before the try and mutating them in later scopes) and nasty, messy, hard-to-follow code with masses of boilerplate that goes on and on for pages whilst actually doing very little. Yuk. The solution is attempt or attemptPromise. Voila. You're welcome.



    npm i @jfdi/attempt

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