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    Boilerplate and CLI create-react-library for publishing modern React modules with Rollup and example usage via create-react-app.

    NPM JavaScript Style Guide


    Note: Modern means modern as of March, 2018.. I'm sure everything will change in a month... 😂 😂

    We strongly recommend that you use the accompanying CLI create-react-library to create new modules based off of this boilerplate.

    The purpose of this boilerplate is to make publishing your own React components as simple as possible.


    • Easy-to-use CLI create-react-library
    • Transpiles all modern JS features
    • Bundles cjs and es module formats
    • create-react-app for example usage and local dev
    • Rollup for build process
    • Babel for transpilation
    • Jest for testing
    • Supports complicated peer-dependencies
    • Supports CSS modules
    • Sourcemap creation
    • Thorough documentation 😍

    Manual Setup

    If you'd prefer to setup a new module manually, check out the introductory blog post and the old manual guide.


    Here is an example react module created from this boilerplate: react-background-slideshow, a sexy tiled background slideshow for React. It comes with an example create-react-app hosted on github pages.

    Multiple Named Exports

    Here is a branch which demonstrates how to create a module with multiple named exports. The module in this branch exports two components, Foo and Bar, and shows how to use them from the example app.


    Here is a branch which demonstrates how to create a module that makes use of a relatively complicated peer dependency, material-ui. It shows the power of rollup-plugin-peer-deps-external which makes it a breeze to create reusable modules that include complicated material-ui subcomponents without having them bundled as a part of your module.


    MIT © Travis Fischer


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