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    Ring UI — JetBrains Web UI components

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    official JetBrains project

    This collection of UI components aims to provide all of the necessary building blocks for web-based products built inside JetBrains, as well as third-party plugins developed for JetBrains' products.

    Quick start

    1. Install Yeoman and Ring UI generator: npm install -g yo@next-4 @jetbrains/generator-ring-ui
    2. Go to the root directory of your project (create one if necessary), run yo @jetbrains/ring-ui and enter the name of the project. Then run npm install to install all the necessary npm dependencies.
    3. Your project is ready to be developed. The following commands are available:
      • npm start to run a local development server
      • npm test to launch karma tests
      • npm run lint to lint your code
      • npm run build to build a production bundle
      • npm run create-component to create a new component template with styles and tests

    Not-so-quick start

    In case boilerplate generators are not your thing and you prefer to understand the inner workings a bit better.

    1. Install Ring UI with npm install @jetbrains/ring-ui --save-exact

    2. If you are building your app with webpack, make sure to import ring-ui components where needed. Otherwise, create an entry point (for example, /app/app__components.tpl.js) and import the components there.

      import React from 'react';
      import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
      import LoaderInline from '@jetbrains/ring-ui/components/loader-inline/loader-inline';
      ReactDOM.render(<LoaderInline/>, document.getElementById('container'));
    3. Create webpack.config.js with the following contents (example):

      const ringConfig = require('@jetbrains/ring-ui/webpack.config').config;
      const webpackConfig = {
        entry: 'src/entry.js', // your entry point for webpack
        output: {
          path: 'path/to/dist',
          filename: '[name].js'
        module: {
          rules: [
            <Your rules here>
      module.exports = webpackConfig;







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