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    JetBrains config for ESLint

    official JetBrains project

    Package contents

    @jetbrains basic and style rules
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/base basic rules
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/style style rules
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/browser browser rules and environment
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/es6 ES6 rules and environment, including eslint-plugin-import
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/node Node.js rules and environment
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/react rules for eslint-plugin-react, eslint-plugin-react-hooks, and eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/angular rules for eslint-plugin-angular
    @jetbrains/eslint-config/test mocha, chai, sinon rules and environment, including eslint-plugin-bdd


    1. Install ESLint if it is not yet installed in your project: npm install eslint
    2. Install JetBrains' config package: npm install @jetbrains/eslint-config
    3. JetBrains' configuration doesn't implicitly install plugins it uses. This approach lets you specify what exactly version you'd like to use. You need to install these peer dependencies, if they are not yet installed in your project: npm install eslint-import-resolver-webpack eslint-plugin-angular eslint-plugin-bdd eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-react-hooks

    Usage example

      "parser": "babel-eslint",
      "extends": [

    Usage with Prettier

    If you're using this ESLint config with Prettier, make sure that you disable the arrow-body-style rule in the ESLint config, because it conflicts with Prettier rules:

    "rules": {
      "arrow-body-style": "off"

    Note to maintainers: to trigger publishing of the npm package append [Publish] to the commit message. For example:

    Tweaked the rules [Publish]


    npm i @jetbrains/eslint-config

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