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    🥳️ git(moji)-cz => @jeromefitz/git-cz

    🍴️ Why this Fork

    npm i -g git-cz
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    Installs in 0.6s vs 31.1s.

    🍽️ But Why this Fork

    I needed to customize some things, and seemed like the intent was breaking away from streamich/git-cz.

    • [x] Package Upgrades
    • [x] Node14 Support
    • [x] Subject Customization
    • [x] Theming: Gitmoji ✨️ (new default)
      • Semantic Versioning Requirements for CI/CD
    • [x] Gitflow Brancing
      • CLI Customizations
    • [x] Codestyle Preference
      • Getting there
    • [ ] TypeScript Migration
      • Eventually getting there

    📝️ Note: @jeromefitz/git-cz-v7.0.0 is the main breaking off point

    🔧️ Custom config

    You can provide a custom configuration in a changelog.config.js file in your repo, or in any parent folder.

    git-cz will search for the closest config file.

    🚧️ Non-interactive mode

    Using --non-interactive flag you can run git-cz non-interactive mode.

    For example:

    git-cz --non-interactive --type=feat --subject="add onClick prop to component"

    CLI parameters:

    • --body
    • --breaking
    • --issues
    • --lerna
    • --scope
    • --subject
    • --type

    :octocat: Commit

    Subject via Format

    By default the subject format is: {emoji} {scope} {branchName}{subject}

    --format "{emoji} {scope} {branchName}{subject}"
      "commit": {
        "format": "{emoji} {scope} {branchName}{subject}"

    You can configure your own using the following fields:

    • {branchName}
    • {emoji}
    • {scope}
    • {subject}
    • {type}

    These are the only fields that will be dynamically replaced by @jeromefitz/git-cz.

    These are not ${type} so in your configuration if you need to pass dynamically values to format you can while keeping these separate. Helpful for when adding [skip ci] to format conditionally.

    📝️ Note: If your configuration file is dynamic and you want to override these change yours at run time to ${type} 😅️. These fields are only replaced if they exist. Heck, you can have a format of: format: "static(hard): code value" if you really want (please do not).


    This is really only useful if you are using an issue tracker like Jira.

    ▲ git-cz [ABC-1234] git-cz

    Would pull ABC-1234 in for {branchName}

    If you were doing something like:

    ▲ git-cz [feature/gitflow-branch-names]

    You would not want to pass branchPrefix as that would be a long commit message.

    Also most likely if you are doing feature branches you are doing ABC-1234's into it.


    From gitmoji:

    • access: Improve accessibility
    • analytics: Add or update analytics or track code
    • animation: Add or update animations and transitions
    • arch: Make architectural changes
    • assets: Add or update assets
    • beer: Write code drunkenly
    • breaking: Introduce breaking changes
    • build: Add or update development scripts
    • catch: Catch errors
    • ci: Add or update CI build system
    • clean: Deprecate code that needs to be cleaned up
    • compat: Update code due to external API changes
    • config: Add or update configuration files
    • contrib-add: Add or update contributor(s)
    • data: Data exploration/inspection
    • db: Perform database related changes
    • dep-add: Add a dependency
    • dep-rm: Remove a dependency
    • dep-up: Add or update compiled files or packages
    • deploy: Deploy stuff
    • docs: Add or update documentation
    • docs-code: Add or update comments in source code
    • downgrade: Downgrade dependencies
    • egg: Add or update an easter egg
    • experiment: Perform experiments
    • feat: Introduce new features
    • fix: Fix a bug
    • fix-ci: Fix CI Build
    • flags: Add, update, or remove feature flags
    • hotfix: Critical hotfix
    • i18n: Internationalization and localization
    • ignore: Add or update a .gitignore file
    • init: Begin a project
    • iphone: Work on responsive design
    • license: Add or update license
    • lint: Fix compiler / linter warnings
    • log-add: Add or update logs
    • log-rm: Remove logs
    • merge: Merge branches
    • mock: Mock things
    • mv: Move or rename resources (e.g.: files, paths, routes)
    • patch: Simple fix for a non-critical issue
    • perf: Improve performance
    • poo: Write bad code that needs to be improved
    • prune: Remove code or files
    • pushpin: Pin dependencies to specific versions
    • refactor: Refactor code
    • release: Release / Version tags
    • revert: Revert changes
    • rip: Remove dead code
    • roles: Work on code related to authorization, roles and permissions
    • security: Fix security issues
    • seed: Add or update seed files
    • seo: Improve SEO
    • snapshot: Add or update snapshots
    • style: Improve structure / format of the code
    • test: Add or update tests
    • texts: Add or update text and literals
    • types: Add or update types
    • typo: Fix typos
    • ui: Add or update the UI and style files
    • upgrade: Upgrade dependencies
    • ux: Improve user experience / usability
    • wip: Work in progress

    Custom additivies:

    • chore: Changes that don’t modify src or test file
    • rollforward: Create rollforward version
    • run-build: Custom type for CI/CD to hook into run build override


    The subject contains succinct description of the change:

    • Use the imperative, present tense: "change" not "changed" nor "changes"
    • No dot (.) at the end.


    Just as in the subject, use the imperative, present tense: "change" not "changed" nor "changes". The body should include the motivation for the change and contrast this with previous behavior.

    Breaking Changes

    Breaking Changes must start with the words BREAKING CHANGE:.


    If you are using husky@5.x on your project that has git-cz as a local dependency please be cognizant of locally installed binaries:

    If you were calling directly locally installed binaries, you need to run them via your package manager:

    npx --no-install git-cz --hook || true
    yarn git-cz --hook || true


    Change the mode and create branches via gitflow:

    git-cz -m branch


    This is not going to be great to type, but may be good to move to:

    • https://github.com/commitizen/cz-cli and create adapter/plugins.
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      • ⬇️ 373k to 23.9k


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