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Jenkins client-side Diagnostics


npm install --save @jenkins-cd/diag


Get a LOGGER for the specified category.

var LOGGER = require('@jenkins-cd/diag').logger('sse');
// Log messages etc . See below. 

error(message [, other-args])

var LOGGER = require('@jenkins-cd/diag').logger('sse');
LOGGER.error('Invalid SSE event message format.', event);

Error logs are always logged, so no configuration needed here.

debug(message [, other-args])

Currently, this module uses the enabled package for logging debug messages.

NOTE: One slight terminology difference between this package and the enabled package is that this package uses the term "category" (log "category") where enabled uses the term "namespace"/"name". Aside from that, everything else is the same.

var LOGGER = require('@jenkins-cd/diag').logger('sse');
LOGGER.debug(`SSE event ${event.jenkins_channel}/${event.jenkins_event}:`, event);

Please see the enabled (and env-variable) docs for how to turn on/off debug logging in the Browser.


Returns true if debug logging is enabled for the category associated with the logger instance.