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Gitbook Summary

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A command line tool to generate a SUMMARY.MD from a folder。Demo 中文文档


More Gitbooks : https://www.gitbook.com/@imfly


  • Generate SUMMARY.md by using a CLI with some options
  • Setting with book.json
  • Link README.md to the parent directory
  • Only get '.md' files
  • Order by alphabet or numbers
  • ...

CoC (Convention over Configuration)

Source directory:

├── 1-FirstChapter   // The first chapter,format: {orderNumber or alphabet}-{chapterName}.md
├────── 1-FirstDocument.md
├────── 5-SecondDocument.md  // concentrating solely on the order, not the numbers.
├── 3-SecondChapter                     // Focus only on the order, not the numbers.
├────── 1-FirstDocumentOfSecondChapter.md
├────── 2-SecondDocumentOfSecondChapter.md  
├── 7-ThirdChapter
├── FourthChapter  // May have no order
├── README.md // In addition to readme.md, not to put other markdown documents
└── book.json     // Set up the book


npm install -g gitbook-summary


1> Generate a SUMMARY.md Simply

$ cd /path/to/your/book/
$ book sm

or, For example:

$ book sm -r ../sailsjs-docs-gitbook/en -i 0home -u 'myApp' -c 'concepts, reference, userguides' -n "Sails.js 官方文档(中英合辑)"

To see the command line options:

$ book sm --help

  Usage: summary|sm [options]

  Generate a `SUMMARY.md` from a folder


    -h, --help                    output usage information
    -r, --root [string]           root folder, default is `.`
    -t, --title [string]          book title, default is `Your Book Title`.
    -c, --catalog [list]          catalog folders included book files, default is `all`.
    -i, --ignores [list]          ignore folders that be excluded, default is `[]`.
    -u, --unchanged [list]        unchanged catalog like `request.js`, default is `[]`.
    -o, --outputfile [string]     output file, defaut is `./SUMMARY.md`
    -s, --sortedBy [string]       sorted by sortedBy, for example: `num-`, defaut is sorted by characters
    -d, --disableTitleFormatting  don't convert filename/folder name to start case (for example: `JavaScript` to `Java Script`), default is `false`


  • The article title is taken from title property in the articles front-matter. If this property is not available, the articles filename will be used as title for the summary.
  • The option -s or --sortedBy can not be given - as argument, because commander.js will parse it an option. But you can set it in book.json as follows.
  • set up the sortedBy and if there are any summaries missing the order, look at the example below and follow,
    for example, you have summaries like this 01-elementry-school, 02-middle-school, 03-university, ...
    you realized high school was missing, then You can make correct order in the following way
    eg. 01-elementry-school, 02-middle-school, 02a-high-school, 03-university, ...
    not 01-elementry-school, 02-middle-school, 03-high-school, 04-university, ...

2> Create a book.json in the book`s root folder

for example:

// test/books/config-json/book.json
    "title": "json-config-name",
    "outputfile": "test.md",
    "catalog": "all",  // or [chapter1,chapter2, ...]
    "ignores": [],  //Default: '.*', '_book'...
    "unchanged": [], // for example: ['myApp'] -> `myApp` not `My App`
    "sortedBy": "-",
    "disableTitleFormatting": true // default: false

then, you can do:

$ book sm

You will get a test.md file:


3> Get a markdown artical from a html file or a remote url

$ book md -l "http://book.btcnodejs.com/index.html" -s "div.className"

You will get the 'index.html' and 'index.md'.

4> Get convert between zh and zh-tw, zh-hk, or zh-sg

$ book cv -f ./test/language/test.md -l zh-tw -t "./test/language/test2.md"


npm install
npm link


npm test


  • Convert articals between Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Generate eBooks(html, pdf, etc) by extending gitbook;


We love pull requests! You can fork it and commit a pr


The MIT License


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