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Juice V3 Migration


Since the v3 contract went live recently so in order for existing projects to migrate their treasuries & project tokens to V3 we have come up with some migration tools in the form of smart contracts that'll help to make this process efficient & seamless for the users


First up we have the allocators by which v1 & v2 project owners can migrate their treasuries to v3, so we basically use a couple of custom allocator implementations for both v1 & v2, so inside allocate we fetch the primary terminal and add to its balance with addToBalanceOf.

Next up we have the project token deployer for v1 & v2 project token holders to migrate to v3, so to start things project owners can deploy a v3 token for their project by calling deploy on the v3 token deployer which will also call setFor to attach the token to the project.

After the token is deployed token holders can call migrate to send their v1/v2 claimed & unclaimed token balances & get the appropriate v3 tokens minted to them.

Another interesting thing is since the migration logic lies in the v3 token contract in order to make sure that v3 redemptions are smooth we calculate the totalSupply by total supply of v3 tokens + (v1 total supply - v1 token balance in v3 contract i.e the balances that have been already migrated) + (v2 total supply - v2 token balance in v3 contract i.e the balances that have been already migrated)


An understanding of how the Juicebox protocol's distributions with allocations & project token economics is an important prereq to understand the migration process.

For migration of the treasuries V1Allocator & V2Allocator contracts need to be deployed & then attached as an allocator to the respective v1 & v2 projects.

For migration of the project tokens JBV3TokenDeployer will be deployed and then v3 project owners can deploy their tokens, so that the token holders can call migrate on JBV3Token


The deployment process is pretty straightforward with deployer scripts for the V1Allocator, V2Allocator & JBV3TokenDeployer in the scripts folder.


Quick all-in-one command:

git clone https://github.com/jbx-protocol/juice-v3-migration && cd juice-v3-migration && foundryup && git submodule update --init --recursive --force && yarn install && forge test --gas-report

To get set up:

  1. Install Foundry.
curl -L https://foundry.paradigm.xyz | sh
  1. Install external lib(s)
git submodule update --init --recursive --force && yarn install

then run

forge update
  1. Run tests:
forge test
  1. Update Foundry periodically:


Configure the .env variables, and add a mnemonic.txt file with the mnemonic of the deployer wallet. The sender address in the .env must correspond to the mnemonic account.


yarn deploy-goerli-v2-allocator


yarn deploy-mainnet-v3-token-deployer
yarn deploy-mainnet-v2-allocator
yarn deploy-mainnet-v1-allocator

The deployments are stored in ./broadcast

See the Foundry Book for available options.




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