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The @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module is a JavaScript library designed to simplify DOM manipulation and enhance frontend development workflows. It offers a collection of utilities for creating, querying, and managing HTML and SVG elements, with support for shadow DOM operations.

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  • Easy creation and management of HTML and SVG elements.
  • Support for shadow DOM, allowing for encapsulated styling and markup.
  • Efficient querying and manipulation of elements stored in an internal registry.
  • Designed to work seamlessly with modern frontend frameworks and vanilla JavaScript projects.


You can easily install the DOM module in your project using npm, pnpm or yarn:

Using npm

npm install @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module

Using pnpm

pnpm add @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module

Using yarn

yarn add @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module

[!NOTE] This will add the @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module as a development dependency in your project.

ESM Import Module


You can use the following CDN links to include the module:





Here's how to use the @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module in your application:

Importing the Module

import { DomModule } from '@jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module';

Usage Examples

After installing the @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module, you can use it to create, manipulate, and manage DOM elements efficiently. Here are a few examples:

Creating an HTML Element

Create a simple div element with text content and append it to the body.

import { DomModule } from '@jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module';

const myDiv = DomModule.createHTMLElement({
  element: {
    type: 'div',
    attr: { class: 'my-class' },
    text: 'This is a dynamic div'


Creating an SVG Element

Create an SVG circle and append it to an SVG root element.

import { DomModule } from '@jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module';

const svgRoot = DomModule.createSVGElement({
  element: {
    type: 'svg',
    attr: {
      width: '100',
      height: '100',
      xmlns: 'http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'

const circle = DomModule.createSVGElement({
  element: {
    type: 'circle',
    attr: {
      cx: '50',
      cy: '50',
      r: '40',
      stroke: 'green',
      'stroke-width': '4',
      fill: 'yellow'
  parent: svgRoot


API Documentation

The @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module offers several functions to work with the DOM. Here's a brief overview of the main functions:

  • createHTMLElement: Creates an HTML element based on the provided specifications (type, attributes, text content, etc.).
  • createSVGElement: Similar to createHTMLElement but specifically for creating SVG elements.
  • addElementToStore: Stores a reference to an element by a specified key for easy retrieval.
  • getElementFromStore: Retrieves an element reference from the store using its key.
  • removeElementFromStore: Removes an element's reference from the store and optionally its associated events.
  • createFromStruct: Creates DOM elements based on a structured object, supporting nested children and event binding.
  • removeElement: Removes a specified element from the DOM and optionally from the internal store and unbinds its events.

Contribution Guidelines

Interested in contributing? We welcome your contributions to enhance the backend capabilities of @jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module. Please check our Contribution Guidelines for more details.


@jamilservices/sb-core-dom-module is available under the MIT License by @jamilservicos.

  • You are free to modify and reuse the code.
  • The original license must be included with copies of this software.
  • We encourage linking back to this repository if you use a significant portion of the source code.

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