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    AWS S3 Downloader

    Why this package?

    • This package is intended to be used when you want to download files from S3 to a Windows machine but the file names contain reserved characters and so, neither the AWS CLI nor the available AWS SDKs download the files. Have a look at this issue: Issue with downloading s3 objects on Windows

    • Do not upload the files and folders back to S3 after downloading them using this package since the uploaded files will have different names and will exist side-by-side along with the original files (unless you are sure of what you are doing).

    What this package does

    • This package downloads all the objects in a specified S3 bucket into a local directory.
    • While downloading the files, the script replaces reserved characters in the filename for Windows with dashes (-) to prevent issues.
    • It converts the following reserved characters:
        < (less than)
        > (greater than)
        : (colon)
        " (double quote)
        / (forward slash)
        \ (backslash)
        | (vertical bar or pipe)
        ? (question mark)
        * (asterisk)
        \x00 (ASCII NUL)

    How to install

    Install this package globally

    npm i -g @jamesjacobk/awss3downloader


    The script assumes that the AWS CLI is setup with the correct credentials

    How to use:

    On a terminal run:

    s3dl <bucketname> <folder>

    folder is the folder you want to download the objects to relative to the current path.


    s3dl test-bucket data

    This will download all the objects in the test-bucket bucket into the data folder relative to the current directory.


    npm i @jamesjacobk/awss3downloader

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