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    JCU web application template

    This package contains a ReactJS component that can wrap the contents of a web application, providing the default style of a header and footer.

    Included libraries

    The following libraries are required to be included for this template:

    • Bootstrap 4.1.0 or higher.

    Installation and usage

    Install with the following command:

    npm install --save @jamescookuniversity/jcu-web-app-template

    Use the template as follows:

    import Template from '@jamescookuniversity/jcu-web-app-template';
    export default (props) => {
        return (
            <Template title="Sample application">
                <h1>Hello, world!</h1>
                <p>This is some content.</p>

    Application Navigation menu

    The navigation menu under the title text can be customised. Provide a structure to the nav attribute of the Template component to like so (note: href is only needed on leaf nodes of the tree):

    const navMenu = [
        {href: 'https://www.acme.com', label: 'ACME site'},
        {label: 'Menu', children: [
            {href: '/about', label: 'About this app'},		
            {href: '/contacts', label: 'Contacts'}		
    class App extends Component {
        render() {
            <Template title="Sample application" nav={navMenu}>
                <h1>Hello, world!</h1>
                <p>This is some content.</p>

    Purposes of included files

    Each file in this project has a purpose as described below:

    • src/Footer.js - Footer component
    • src/Header.js - Header component
    • src/index.js - default file - Exports the Template component.
    • src/JcuNavbar.js - Components to generate the Navbar. Used by Header.
    • src/Template.js - The custom Template component for web applications
    • src/Template.test.js - A test written with Jest that'll render the template and ensure it succeeds.
    • .babelrc - Defines how babel transpiler treats the code
    • .gitignore - Specified files are ignored in git add commands
    • .npmignore - Specified files are ignored when packaging for NPM
    • Jenkinsfile - Instructions to build this component on the JCU Jenkins server.
    • package.json - Package metadata, dependencies, etc.
    • README.md - The file you're reading right now.




    npm i @jamescookuniversity/jcu-web-app-template

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