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Welcome to @jahia/test-framework 👋

Version License: JAHIA'S DUAL LICENSING Twitter: Jahia

Provides common dependencies, configuration, utilities and mocks for testing JavaScript projects.

Any new mock or test utilities that might be relevant to multiple projects should be added to this framework.

The framework relies on the following libraries:


Jest is a JavaScript testing framework. It provides a test runner, assertions, mocking support and code coverage.

You can learn about it here: https://jestjs.io/


Enzyme is a JavaScript testing utility for React.

You can learn about it here: https://airbnb.io/enzyme/

When using the test-framework, you don't need to explicitly add Enzyme to your project, nor do any specific configuration. Everything required should be inherited from the test-framework.

As a consequence, every JavaScript imports from Enzyme should be obtained through @jahia/test-framework instead. Thus, you must use

import { shallow } from '@jahia/test-framework';

instead of

import { shallow } from 'enzyme';


  • Add this package to the devDependencies of the project you intend to add unit tests to. This can be accomplished using yarn with the following command:
yarn add -D @jahia/test-framework
or using `npm` with the following one:
npm i -D @jahia/test-framework
  • Create a file named jest.config.js as a sibling to your package.json, with the following content:
const jestConfig = require('@jahia/test-framework').jestConfig;

module.exports = jestConfig;

This will provide proper Jest and Enzyme configurations to your project.

  • Update the scripts in your package.json to match the ones below:
  "build": "yarn lint && yarn test && yarn webpack"
  "test": "jest --coverage",
  "tdd": "jest --watch"
  • To be able to run your tests, you will need setup Babel as described below.

    • Add the following packages to you devDependencies:

      1. babel-jest
      2. @babel/preset-env
      3. @babel/preset-react
      4. @babel/plugin-transform-runtime
    • Create a .babelrc file as a sibling to you package.json, with at least the following content:

          "presets": [
          "plugins": [
              ["@babel/plugin-transform-runtime", {"regenerator": true}]


Unit tests must be located in their own specific files which should respect the following conventions:

  • a test file should be a sibling of the file containing the code to test
  • a test file should be named after the file containing the code to test, so that unit tests for a file named foo.js should be located in a file named foo.test.js (or foo.spec.js).

Here is one of our test as example:

import React from 'react';
import {shallow} from '@jahia/test-framework';
import {IconButton} from '@jahia/design-system-kit';
import {RotatePanel} from './RotatePanel';
import defaultProps from '../../../testDefaultProps';

describe('Rotate panel', () => {
    let props;
    let wrapper;

    beforeEach(() => {
        try {
            props = {
                onRotate: jest.fn(),

            wrapper = shallow(<RotatePanel {...defaultProps} {...props}/>);
        } catch (e) {

    it('Should rotate the image', () => {



IDE integration

  • To get rid of syntax errors in your test files and get code completion in IntelliJ IDEA, you will need to install proper syntax definition, by proceeding as below:

    1. In IntelliJ's Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript, press Download...
    2. Select jest from the list of available stubs
    3. Press Download and install
  • To benefit from Jest integration from within ÌntelliJ IDEA, and be able to run unit tests from there, you will need to have Jest installed locally. This can be accomplished using yarn with the following command:

    yarn add --dev jest

    or using npm with the following one:

    npm install jest --save-dev


👤 Jahia

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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

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📝 License

Copyright © 2019 Jahia.
This project is JAHIA'S DUAL LICENSING licensed.

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