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Publishing documentation


Documentation pages on the Pharos site are written using MDX — markdown files that allow you to integrate JSX easily. This combines the ease in editing long-form content with being able to import components which can elevate the content. These file names should be kebab-cased and named to match the component and what will be displayed in the side navigation bar.

Pharos components

Components used in the documentation can be found in /src/components. Examples of them being used and imported can be seen in other existing MDX files found in pharos-site/src/static. Please use the <PageSection> component for each documentation category and use its subSectionLevel property for subsections under the category. For best practices, also use the <BestPractices> component

Adding page to side-navigation bar

When creating a new section or page of documentation, it is important to add a link to the page in the sidenav so that users can readily navigate to the page. This involves accessing the sidenav component in pharos-site/src/components/Sidenav.tsx and adding the newly made page to the appropriate array, which will generate a link in the sidenav automatically. Consequently, it is important to follow the naming conventions mentioned in the MDX section.

Making a pull request

Once a page has been created or documentation has been modified, you can then generate a pull request indicating the changes made.




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