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    NSO Port Turn Up

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    The Port Turn Up NSO artifact consists of several workflows and command templates meant to serve as a solution for performing a port turn up on Cisco routers running IOS software. In this artifact, we are using Cisco's Network Service Orchestration (NSO). The included pre and post checks should be customized to suit the needs of the target device. Additionally, the implementation of routing network traffic is left up to the user to provide. The artifact provides an indication of where a failover and restore should take place but assumes no responsibility for these tasks.


    Estimated Run Time: ~2 min

    Installation Prerequisites

    In order to use this artifact, users will have to satisfy the following pre-requisites:

    Itential Automation Platform

    • ^2019.3.1
    • ^2020.1.x


    • ^2.6.2

    Port-Turn-Up Service Model

    • Copy the service model folder to the NSO packages folder Ex: cp -Rv <!--PWD-->/NSO-Port-Turn-Up-Deployment/assets/service-models/port-turn-up.tar.gz /var/opt/ncs/packages/
    • If you wish to untar it then navigate to the src folder inside the copied service model directory: cd port-turn-up/src
    • If you wish to untar it then compile the service mode. Run make clean all
    • Log into NSO cli: ncs_cli -u admin -C
    • Load the packages: packages reload
    • Ex. output:
    admin@ncs# packages reload
    reload-result {
        package port-turn-up
        result true


    This artifact requires the following:

    • Cisco IOS Device


    The main benefits and features of the artifact are outlined below.

    • Automatically checks for device type
    • Displays dry-run to user (asking for confirmation) prior to pushing the config to the device
    • Supports stub mode

    Future Enhancements

    This artifact would provide support for different device operation system types like, IOSXR, Arista, F5, Nokia and etc.

    How to Install

    To install the artifact:

    • Verify you are running a supported version of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) as listed above in the Requirements section in order to install the artifact. If you do not currently have App-Artifacts installed on your server, please download the installer from your Nexus repository. Refer to the install instructions included in the App-Artifacts README.
    • The artifact can be installed from within App-Artifacts. Simply search for the name of your desired artifact and click the install button (as shown below).
    • Alternatively, you may clone this repository and run npm pack to create a tarball which can then be installed via the offline installer in App-Artifacts. Consult the documentation for App-Artifacts for further information.

    How to Run

    Use the following to run this artifact:

    This artifact may be run from Automation Catalog by clicking Run for the NSO-Port-Turn-Up-Deployment automation catalog item. The user will be presented with a form to select options customize which device type, interface type, IP Address, subnet mask, and allowed VLAN. A description is required to run this artifact. The shutdown option is to turn down the device.

    Additional Information

    Please use your Itential Customer Success account if you need support when using this artifact.


    npm i @itentialopensource/nso-port-turn-up-deployment

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