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Main package of istanbul framework.

What Is It?

This package is pretty flexible and goes wherever you pull it. CLI, Rest, Graphql, Websocket, Microservice or any.

In shortly, it is the package that defines istanbul framework.

With this package you can currently do the following:

  • create application
  • create plugin
  • create core plugin
  • do something as soon as the app is running


npm install @istanbul/app

or with yarn

yarn add @istanbul/app

Basic Usage

import {createApp, App} from '@istanbul/app';
import {someCorePlugin} from "@istanbul/some-core-plugin"
import {somePlugin} from "some-plugin"

const app = createApp<App>();

Module System Usage

istanbul supports module-based system such as Angular and NestJS. -However, it does not make mandatory, it behaves as you wish, friendly ;)-

If you want to use the module-based system, which is the solution we recommend, although not mandatory, you can follow the steps below.

#### create a main module

istanbul processes module-based system such as NestJS and Angular with the inductive method in the background. So it needs the main module for the starting point.

// src/main.ts
import { createModule } from "@istanbul/app";

export const mainModule = createModule("mainModule", {
    imports: [
        // your modules

Register main module to app

We have to do this for your istanbul project to recognize the main module. Just like you need the internet to google something.

import { createApp } from "@istanbul/app";
import { mainModule } from "./src/main";

const app = createApp(mainModule);

If you've read the doc from the very beginning, you've noticed that createApp works in different 2 ways. If you take a main module as a parameter and don't give it a module, it will act as if you are not using a module-based system.

Modules With Dependencies

Let's face it, no one is going to go into production using just the main module. Adding your own modules is pretty easy. Let's try!

// src/modules/product/product.service.ts

export class ProductService {

    getAll = () : string => {
        return 'Hello world!';
// src/modules/product/product.module.ts
import { createModule } from "@istanbul/app";
import { ProductService } from "./product.service";

export const productModule = createModule('product', {
    providers: [ProductService],
    exports: [ProductService]

A little info while yo're here.

provider is the equivalent of all the dependencies you will use in the module. For example, if your ProductController is dependent on ProductService, you should provide it here.

export exists for any provider in this module to be used in an external module. For example, if you want to use ProductService in an external module, you should provide and export it.

istanbul itself manages the singleton structure for you!

Register your module

Now that you've created your module, you can register it to the app.

// src/main.ts
import { createModule } from "@istanbul/app";
import { productModule } from "./src/modules/product";

export const mainModule = createModule("mainModule", {
    imports: [

that's it!

Create your own plugin

You can develop your own plugins with the istanbul framework. Whether you use it or present it te people, the istanbul framework offers a high degree of customizability.

create plugin:

import {createPlugin} from "@istanbul/app";

export const somePlugin = createPlugin({
    name: "somePlugin",
    multiple: true, // if set to false the plugin can be intalled once, if set to true the plugin can be installed multiple times
    install: (app: App, ...options: any[]) => {
        console.log("Plugin installed");
somePlugin.onAppStarted((app) => {
    console.log("App started");
import {createApp} from "@istanbul/app";
import {somePlugin} from "some-plugin"

const app = createApp();
app.use(somePlugin); // install plugin

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