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ForerunnerDB Core

This project contains the core query/match/update functionality of ForerunnerDB 3.x and is a standalone engine and can be used for any purpose in any project.

forerunnerdb-core provides the core of ForerunnerDB 3.0 which is a complete rewrite of ForerunnerDB in ES6 instead of ES5 and has simplicity, modularity and extensibility as the primary pillars of development.

Those familiar with ForerunnerDB will be used to a query language similar to MongoDB. ForerunnerDB 3.0 understands MongoDB query lanugage as a first class language instead of an add-on. This means that queries in ForerunnerDB 3.x use MongoDB query language by default.

Version 3.x will still support 2.x query language but going forward you should adopt MongoDB query language where possible as we will optimise for this first.

Right now, this project is still in development but is usable. Because of this, there is no documentation. You can check out the unit tests to see how to use various parts of the core engine. JSDoc comments are also mostly missing at this point.

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