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    IOTA Wallet Library - Node.js binding

    Requirements (only for building the binary yourself)

    Ensure you have first installed the required dependencies for the library here and on Windows also LLVM, our workflow uses On Windows, you may also need to set an environment variable RUSTFLAGS to -C target-feature=+crt-static.


    • Using NPM:
    npm i @iota/wallet
    • Using yarn:
    yarn add @iota/wallet

    Installation in repository

    Installing nodejs bindings require a supported version of Node and Rust.

    This fully installs the project, including installing any dependencies and running the build.

    Building nodejs bindings

    If you have already installed the project and only want to run the build, run:

    npm run build

    This command uses the cargo-cp-artifact utility to run the Rust build and copy the built library into ./index.node.

    Available Scripts

    In the project directory, you can run:

    npm install

    Installs the project, including running npm run build.

    npm build

    Builds the Node addon (index.node) from source.

    npm test

    Runs the unit tests by calling cargo test. You can learn more about adding tests to your Rust code from the Rust book.


    The Cargo manifest file, which informs the cargo command.

    This file.


    The Node addon—i.e., a binary Node module—generated by building the project. This is the main module for this package, as dictated by the "main" key in package.json.

    Under the hood, a Node addon is a dynamically-linked shared object. The "build" script produces this file by copying it from within the target/ directory, which is where the Rust build produces the shared object.


    The npm manifest file, which informs the npm command.


    The directory tree containing the Rust source code for the project.


    The Rust library's main module.


    Binary artifacts generated by the Rust build.

    Learn More

    To learn more about Neon, see the Neon documentation.

    To learn more about Rust, see the Rust documentation.

    To learn more about Node, see the Node documentation.




    npm i @iota/wallet

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