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    Curl Remote - IOTA.js Library Shim

    This library is used to shim the iota.lib.js library to allow for it to be used with the Powbox. This enables for users to offload PoW from web user or small devices without capabilities.

    This library has been constructed for this powbox application.

    Basic Usage

    The library exposes one function, which your require or import. This function is used to overlay powbox functionality to your current iota.lib.js instance.

    // Import the Sanbox Monkey Patch for the IOTA lib
    const remoteCurl = require('@iota/curl-remote')
    // Patch the current IOTA instance
    remoteCurl(iota, `https://powbox.testnet.iota.org`, 500, `sdkd...sdaa`)
    1. iota: Object The iota.lib.js instance in your application
    2. url: String URL of the Powbox you wish to use
    3. delay: Integer Milliseconds to wait before checking for PoW update. Null value defaults to 1000
    4. key: String API key used to raise the un-authenticated API limits. Optional

    API Key

    In order to receive an API you should go to the following URL to receive an API for the IOTA Testnet:


    If you are running your own powbox, please generate a token from the appropriate sources


    npm i @iota/curl-remote

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