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Module to help deploy and run Google App Engine projects with features like:

  • Deploy multiple services for production and staging.
  • Sync static files from your PC to Google Storage and to App instances.


npm install @invisible/deploy

# or

yarn add @invisible/deploy

Make sure to install as a normal dependency, since part of it is run on the deployed instance, and dev-dependencies are not installed on production.


  1. Create a project and note the project ID.
  2. Install the gcloud sdk
  3. If this is your first time using the gcloud sdk make sure to run gcloud auth login
  4. From your project directory, run gcloud app create --project=your-project-id --region=us-central

Setting up

  1. Create an .env file in your project's root folder. Add your GCLOUD_PROJECT environment variable to it. Don't set PORT in your staging/.env or production/.env, GAE will set this for you.

This will be used to sync your local storage files to the bucket.

  1. Run ./node_modules/.bin/deploy setup to create the backend bucket on Google Cloud.

  2. Create a folder named storage on your project's root folder. Inside this folder you should have one folder for each services you want to deploy. In each folder you should store the files you want to sync in your instances.

// Storing environment files for production and staging:
├── production
│   └── .env
└── staging
    └── .env
  1. Add storage to your .gitignore file.

  2. Create an GAE yaml config file for each environment you want to have.

# production.yaml 
service: default
runtime: nodejs
env: flex
 - ^node_modules$
 - ^ignore$
 - ^.env$
# staging.yaml 
service: staging
runtime: nodejs
env: flex
 - ^node_modules$
 - ^ignore$
 - ^.env$
  instances: 1
  1. Add sync to your prestart hook on package.json:
// package.json
"scripts": {
  "prestart": "./node_modules/.bin/sync",
  1. Make sure you already have a default service running before you deploy any other. You can deploy to production with ./node_modules/.bin/deploy production.

  2. If you are experience a bug, it might be a problem with the --quiet flag, so try running the command gcloud app deploy production.yaml --project=your-project-id --promote




deploy [setup|download|static|production|staging|branchName]

Argument can be:

  • setup Creates the default backend bucket for this project.

  • download Downloads all static files from the backend bucket.

  • static Uploads all static files to the backend bucket.

  • branchName Uploads branch static files and deploys the App to Google App Engine based on branchName.yaml file.


Usage: Add ./node_modules/.bin/sync as the value of scripts.prestart on your package.json.

Retrieve files from your project's backend bucket and place it on current instance's root folder.