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Offload heavy tasks to a pool of worker threads.

Requires Node.js 10.5.0 and up.

npm install @intrnl/node-worker-pool
# pnpm install @intrnl/node-worker-pool
# yarn add @intrnl/node-worker-pool


// ./app.js
let { WorkerPool } = require('@intrnl/node-worker-pool');

// Path to your worker script, `require.resolve` will resolve requires from
// where this script is located.
let workerScript = require.resolve('./worker.js');

let pool = new WorkerPool(workerScript, {
  // Max workers to run concurrently, default is number of CPU cores minus 1
  max: 2,
  // Resource limits to set on the worker thread, Node.js 12.16.0 and up only,
  // see <>
  limits: {},

pool.exec('fibonacci', [32])
  // This should output `2178309`
  .then((value) => console.log('result:', value))
  .catch((error) => console.error('error:', error))
  // Wait for all ongoing tasks to complete before terminating the worker
  .then(() => pool.close())
// ./worker.js
function fibonacci (n) {
  if (n < 2) return n;
  return fibonacci(n - 1) + fibonacci(n - 2);

module.exports = { fibonacci };

API Reference

This module exports two classes, the pool and the handler used to manage the actual worker thread.


Constructor options

  • max?: number
    The maximum amount of workers that the pool should create, default is your CPU cores minus 1.
  • limits?: NodeJS.ResourceLimits
    The resource limits that the worker should be allowed to use, see this page for details

workerPool.exec(method: string, args: any[]): Promise<any>

Executes a method exported by the worker, along with arguments to be passed to the method.

workerPool.close(opts?: WorkerPoolCloseOptions): Promise<void>

Closes the pool while waiting for ongoing tasks to finish before terminating the workers. Queued tasks are immediately thrown.

  • timeout?: false | number
    How long the pool should wait for ongoing tasks to complete before terminating the workers, default is false which disables timeout and waits for ongoing tasks to complete entirely.

workerPool.terminate(): Promise<void>

Closes the pool and forcefully terminates all the workers. Ongoing and queued tasks are immediately thrown.




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