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iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, configurable compression, multiple images and cropping



Import library

import ImagePicker from 'react-native-image-crop-picker';

Select from gallery

Call single image picker with cropping

  width: 300,
  height: 400,
  cropping: true
}).then(image => {

Call multiple image picker

  multiple: true
}).then(images => {

Select video only from gallery

  mediaType: "video",
}).then((video) => {

Android: The prop 'cropping' has been known to cause videos not to be display in the gallery on Android. Please do not set cropping to true when selecting videos.

Select from camera

  width: 300,
  height: 400,
  cropping: true
}).then(image => {

Crop picture

  path: 'my-file-path.jpg',
  width: 300,
  height: 400
}).then(image => {

Optional cleanup

Module is creating tmp images which are going to be cleaned up automatically somewhere in the future. If you want to force cleanup, you can use clean to clean all tmp files, or cleanSingle(path) to clean single tmp file.

ImagePicker.clean().then(() => {
  console.log('removed all tmp images from tmp directory');
}).catch(e => {

Request Object

Property Type Description
cropping bool (default false) Enable or disable cropping
width number Width of result image when used with cropping option
height number Height of result image when used with cropping option
multiple bool (default false) Enable or disable multiple image selection
includeBase64 bool (default false) Enable or disable returning base64 data with image
cropperActiveWidgetColor (android only) string (default "#424242") When cropping image, determines ActiveWidget color.
cropperStatusBarColor (android only) string (default #424242) When cropping image, determines the color of StatusBar.
cropperToolbarColor (android only) string (default #424242) When cropping image, determines the color of Toolbar.
cropperCircleOverlay bool (default false) Enable or disable circular cropping mask.
minFiles (ios only) number (default 1) Min number of files to select when using multiple option
maxFiles (ios only) number (default 5) Max number of files to select when using multiple option
waitAnimationEnd (ios only) bool (default true) Promise will resolve/reject once ViewController completion block is called
smartAlbums (ios only) array (default ['UserLibrary', 'PhotoStream', 'Panoramas', 'Videos', 'Bursts']) List of smart albums to choose from
useFrontCamera (ios only) bool (default false) Whether to default to the front/'selfie' camera when opened
compressVideoPreset (ios only) string (default MediumQuality) Choose which preset will be used for video compression
compressImageMaxWidth number (default none) Compress image with maximum width
compressImageMaxHeight number (default none) Compress image with maximum height
compressImageQuality number (default 1) Compress image with quality (from 0 to 1, where 1 is best quality)
loadingLabelText (ios only) string (default "Processing assets...") Text displayed while photo is loading in picker
mediaType string (default any) Accepted mediaType for image selection, can be one of: 'photo', 'video', or 'any'
showsSelectedCount (ios only) bool (default true) Whether to show the number of selected assets
showCropGuidelines (android only) bool (default true) Whether to show the 3x3 grid on top of the image during cropping
hideBottomControls (android only) bool (default false) Whether to display bottom controls
enableRotationGesture (android only) bool (default false) Whether to enable rotating the image by hand gesture

Response Object

Property Type Description
path string Selected image location
localIdentifier(ios only) string Selected images' localidentifier, used for PHAsset searching
sourceURL(ios only) string Selected images' source path, do not have write access
filename(ios only) string Selected images' filename
width number Selected image width
height number Selected image height
mime string Selected image MIME type (image/jpeg, image/png)
size number Selected image size in bytes
data base64 Optional base64 selected file representation


Install package

npm i react-native-image-crop-picker --save

Link the package using react-native link:

react-native link react-native-image-crop-picker

Post-install steps


Step 1:

In Xcode open Info.plist and add string key NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription with value that describes why you need access to user photos. More info here https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/62229. Depending on what features you use, you also may need NSCameraUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescription keys.

Step 2:

Cocoapods (Highly recommended)
cd ios
pod init

After this you have to add pod dependencies to Podfile. Open Podfile with your editor, and add or adjust example configuration:

platform :ios, '8.0'

target '<your_project_name>' do
    pod 'RSKImageCropper'
    pod 'QBImagePickerController'

After this run:

pod install
  • Drag and drop the ios/ImageCropPickerSDK folder to your xcode project. (Make sure Copy items if needed IS ticked)
  • Click on project General tab
    • Under Deployment Info set Deployment Target to 8.0
    • Under Embedded Binaries click + and add RSKImageCropper.framework and QBImagePicker.framework


  • Make sure you are using Gradle 2.2.x (project build.gradle)
buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.2.3'
  • Add the following to your build.gradle's repositories section. (project build.gradle)
allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }
  • Add useSupportLibrary (app build.gradle)
android {

    defaultConfig {
        vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true
  • [Optional] If you want to use camera picker in your project, add following to AndroidManifest.xml
    • <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA"/>

Production build


Cocoapods (Highly recommended)

  • You are already done


If you are using pre-built frameworks from ios/ImageCropPickerSDK, then before deploying app to production you should strip off simulator ARCHs from these, or you can add frameworks from Libraries/imageCropPicker/Libraries/_framework_name_.xcodeproj/Products/_framework_name_.framework to Embedded Binaries instead of pre-built ones. Related issue: https://github.com/ivpusic/react-native-image-crop-picker/issues/61.

Details for second approach:

  1. Remove the pre-built frameworks from Embedded Binaries
  2. Build for Device
  3. Add the newly built binaries for both frameworks to Embedded Binaries (located at Libraries/imageCropPicker/Libraries/_framework_name_.xcodeproj/Products/_framework_name_.framework)



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