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    Provides prompt configuration for commitizen. The following questions are asked:

    1. Select the type of change that you're committing
      • Simply select the type from the provided list of options. Selecting feat will cause a minor version bump and selecting fix will cause a bugfix version bump. Marking your change as "breaking" (explained below) will cause a major version bump.
    2. Denote the scope of this change
      • This is a freeform input that allows you to specify one or more "scopes". This scope is used for grouping together like changes in the CHANGELOG. It's best to make this as specific as possible, and some great candidates are:

        • A specific component name (i.e. GradingHeader, Autocomplete, etc)
        • A specific section of the project (i.e. store, documentation, dependencies, etc)

        In the future, we may lint against a specific set of scope names.

    3. Write a short, imperative tense description of the change
      • This is the subject of your commit and should be kept to 72 characters or less
    4. List any issues closed by this change
      • List your JIRA tickets here. Whatever you type will be prefixed with "fixes", so entering "QUIZ-123" will result in "fixes QUIZ-123". You should ammend your commit message if you need to use a resolution type other than "fixes".
    5. Provide a test plan
      • List out your test plan steps. Whatever you type will be prefixed with "Test plan:\n".
    6. Is this a breaking change?
      • If this change is not backwards compatible to any potential consumer, then you should answer yes here. Answering yes here will cause a major version bump. 7a. Provide any important details about the breaking change
      • This question is only asked if you said yes when asked if the change is a breaking change. You should include details about why this is a breaking change, what the change impacts, and how consumers can mitigate it. 7b. (Optional) Provide any additional information you think might be useful
      • This question is only asked if you said no when asked if the change is a breaking change. Additional in-depth details that might be useful. This section is optional if the previously provided short description is simple enough.




    npm i @instructure/conventional-changelog

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