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    Solid JavaScript authentication for Node.js - solid-client-authn-node

    solid-client-authn-node is a library designed to authenticate Node.js apps (both scripts and full-blown Web servers) with Solid identity servers. The main documentation is at the root of the repository.

    Underlying libraries

    solid-client-authn-node is based on jose.

    Other Inrupt Solid JavaScript Libraries

    @inrupt/solid-client-authn-nodeis part of a family open source JavaScript libraries designed to support developers building Solid applications.

    Inrupt Solid JavaScript Client Libraries

    Data access and permissions management - solid-client

    @inrupt/solid-client allows developers to access data and manage permissions on data stored in Solid Pods.

    Authentication - solid-client-authn

    @inrupt/solid-client-authn allows developers to authenticate against a Solid server. This is necessary when the resources on your Pod are not public.

    Vocabularies and interoperability - solid-common-vocab-rdf

    @inrupt/solid-common-vocab-rdf allows developers to build interoperable apps by reusing well-known vocabularies. These libraries provide vocabulary terms as constants that you just have to import.

    Issues & Help

    Solid Community Forum

    If you have questions about working with Solid or just want to share what you’re working on, visit the Solid forum. The Solid forum is a good place to meet the rest of the community.

    Bugs and Feature Requests

    • For public feedback, bug reports, and feature requests please file an issue via GitHub.
    • For non-public feedback or support inquiries please use the Inrupt Service Desk.


    This library requires at least:

    • Node.js >= 14
    • npm >= 8.7 Note: We recommend using nvm to manage your node version.

    The solid-client-authn libraries are compatible with NSS 5.3.X and higher.





    npm i @inrupt/solid-client-authn-node

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