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Bump version

A small command line tool to simplify releasing software by updating all version strings in your source code by the correct increment. Out of box, UI friendly and configure easily. And with other features:



npm i -g @innei/bump-version


vv # or bv, bump, bp
vv alpha # bump to next prerelease version, other args please see below.



There are two kind of hooks supported.

  1. leading hook, this hook will run before package json version updated.
  2. trailing hook, run after updated of course.


  "leading": ["git pull --rebase", "pnpm i"],
  "trailing": ["npm run build"]

Attach Changelog

Auto detect changelog file location, and regenerate after update package version.

To enable it.

  "changelog": true

Whitelist or Blacklist branch

The bump version allows you ban special branch run it, such as you don't want to be contaminated other branches which is not main branch. In main branch, you just allow publish stable version, but ban unstable version. Oppositely, dev branch not allow to publish stable version just unstable. It's ok. Just write configuration as below.

  "allowed_branches": [
      "name": "dev/*",
      "allow_types": ["premajor", "preminor", "prepatch", "prerelease"]

Git Tag Mode

If the project maintains by a team and other developers can publish their own unstable version, the publish action will create a git tag based on new version. So, if another developer bump version at same time, he will got a conflict error because of git tag is exist on remote repository.

For example, if Developer A and Developer B checkout two private branches from the master branch and fix a bug that requires release new version. At this point, the projects are both at version 1.0.0, and A has created a Git Tag 1.0.0-alpha.0 on the private branch and pushed it to the remote repository, while B has also created a Git Tag 1.0.0-alpha.0 on the private branch, and there is a conflict.

So, the tool provide git tag mode, it can fetch remote git tags, and gerenate the correct version according to the git tags (or remote) sequence, and no conflicting tags are generated.

To enable it.

  "with_tags": true,
  "remote_tags": true

Now if your local or remote tags has tag 1.0.1, but project current version is 1.0.0, so the next patch version will be generate as 1.0.2.

Another example, if remote tags has tag 1.2.0 1.3.0, project current version is 1.1.0, the next minor version is 1.2.0 theoretically, but if you enable this feature, it will generate a non-conflicting version as 1.4.0.

Other information, please see the test suit.


This is args passed in cli command. e.g. vv --dry-run.

Args Description Example
--dry-run Dry run mode
-f --filter Run in special monorepo workspace -f packages/core
--alpha --prerelease Create prerelease version
--tag-prefix Custom git tag prefix, the priority is higher than rcfile
--no-verify Force bump version, no verify allowed branches or disallow.
minor Create minor version
major Create major version
patch Create patch version
prepatch Create prepatch version
preminor Create preminor version
premajor Create premajor version
branch Create version based on git branch (1.2.2-dev-perid.0)


Define in package.json, add field bump or create .bumprc in root dir:

There is a example configuration.

  "leading": ["git pull --rebase", "pnpm i", "npm run build"],
  "trailing": ["sh ./scripts/create-tags.sh", "npm publish --access=public"],
  "changelog": true,
  "publish": true
Name Description Type Default
leading Run script before change version string[] []
trailing Run script after change version string[] []
publish Publish package after bump boolean false
tag Create git tag after bump boolean true
push Push git commit after bump boolean true
commit_message Commit message for new version tag string release: v${NEW_VERSION}
changelog Generate changelog boolean | ChangelogOptions false
allowed_branches Allow run bump version on special branch (RegExp | string | AllowedBranchesOptions)[] ["main", "master"]
tag-prefix Git prefix tag string v
mode Workspace mode independent monorepo independent
packages Monorepo mode packages path string[] []
with_tags Generate next version based on git tags, maybe slowly. boolean false
remote_tags Fetch git remote tags before version generate, only work when with_tags enable. boolean true


type ReleaseType =
  | 'patch'
  | 'minor'
  | 'major'
  | 'premajor'
  | 'preminor'
  | 'prepatch'
  | 'prerelease'

export interface AllowedBranchesOptions {
  name: string
  disallowTypes: ReleaseType[]
  allowTypes: ReleaseType[]

 * @see https://github.com/conventional-changelog/conventional-changelog/tree/master/packages/conventional-changelog-core
export type ChangelogOptions = Parameters<typeof conventionalChangelog>[0] & {
  enable: boolean


2022 © Innei, Released under the MIT License.

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